Your perfect rolled ice cream pairing for your favourite Netflix show!

There’s nothing better than tucking into bed or getting comfortable on a couch to wind down after a long tiring week to catch up on your favourite Netflix shows. But, yes, it can get so much better than that. Queue in some rolled ice cream to watch those favourite shows and you’ll have one of the best and most satisfying rest times. Based on your shows, here are some great and recommended rolled ice creams to pair with them.

Ginny & Georgia – Biscoff Salted Caramel

The drama, the laughter, and all that good stuff from Ginny & Georgia pair well with a delicious Biscoff salted caramel rolled ice cream. The constant butting heads of Ginny and Georgia go well with the somewhat salty and sweet flavours that combine together in this rolled ice cream flavour.

That ‘90s Show – Tutti Frutti

For many people – sorry Gen Zs – That ‘90s Show is nostalgic and reminiscent of the classic That ‘70s Show. For many, it reminds them of their childhood, and what screams childhood more than fruit-flavoured candies and treats? The rolled ice cream to binge-watch with this show would definitely be a fruity and cream Tutti Frutti rolled ice cream.

Bling Empire – Passion Pinnago

If you’re obsessed with the drama and craziness of the rich in a form of a reality show, you have to pair it with an equally flavour-popping rolled ice cream – the passion pinnago. The tropical combination of passion fruit and pineapple gives you that oh-so-sweet and tangy satisfaction that is exactly what is needed to fully enjoy the craziness of Bling Empire.

Wednesday – Black Coconut

It’s Wednesday so it had to be black! Using dark chocolate and coconut flavours, this rolled ice cream flavour is unique and absolutely screams Wednesday. The flavour combinations are not common and can be thought of as weird, and this is why it is a must-have sweet treat with your Wednesday show. You can add a variety of toppings as well, perfect when watching the show.

Vikings Valhalla – Rocky Road

Like the path of the Vikings in Vikings, it is no easy road. In fact, you can say it is a rocky road with lots of obstacles and challenges on the way. This is why the rocky road rolled ice cream is the perfect treat to have as you binge-watch Vikings Valhalla. It is a delicious treat with lots of delicious toppings that is sure to satisfy you.

A special flavour feature for ALL shows – Netflix rolled ice cream

Is your favourite show not on the list or you would prefer another rolled ice cream flavour? The Netflix rolled ice cream is the perfect default rolled ice cream to have with pretty much whatever show you’re watching. The rolled ice cream is topped with popcorn and caramel!

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