Winter is ice cream season, here’s why!

Ice cream is often considered a typical summertime treat. It’s a cold delicious treat that freshens and hydrates you on a hot summer’s day. To many, ice cream is summer. But, winter is also ice cream season. Yes, it is a cold treat and counterproductive for your body on a cold day, but the reality is, winter is arguably the best season for ice cream. Read on to find out why!

Ice cream has warm flavours to enjoy during winter!

Ice cream comes in many different flavours and there are many that are especially enjoyable during the winter, holiday season. Those flavours can include hot chocolate sauce, s’mores, cinnamon, and many more. Even though the ice cream itself is cold, the flavours give a warming effect on your body.

A cold day means the ice cream keeps its shape

In the summertime, ice cream is popular because of how it cools you down on a hot day. Unfortunately, this also means that the ice cream melts fast, sometimes even faster than you can finish it. Sometimes, this also means very sticky hands from melting ice cream. While it is still delicious, it is no longer cold. During the winter, the ice cream keeps its shape and temperature, allowing you to enjoy it as long as you like without racing with the heat.

Ice cream boosts happy moods

You cannot deny that ice cream is the food of happy people. It is delicious, sweet, and all-around a happy treat that can really boost anyone’s mood. Ice cream can help elevate moods and it’s just a fun and delicious treat that can make people happy. It is said that ice cream contains proteins and fat needed to help level moods. It contains amino acids such as tryptophan, which is known to increase serotonin production. Ice cream can help keep you calm, satisfied, and happy.

Rolled Ice Cream flavours for winter at Rollz

Rollz Ice Cream offers a variety of delicious rolled ice cream treats for you. Here are some flavours to enjoy during winter.

S’more rolled ice cream

S’more reminds us of a warm campfire. This is the perfect, warming treat for winter with warm flavoured ingredients like chocolate, biscuits, and marshmallow.

Biscoff Salted Caramel rolled ice cream

Caramel is one of the many warm flavours that can be enjoyed during winter. Rollz Ice Cream’s serves the delicious Biscoff salted caramel rolled ice cream, served with delicious Biscoff cookies.

Fudge Brownie rolled ice cream

Fudge brownie is often associated with a warm, delicious treat as it also gives warm flavours. It is super chocolatey and rich in flavor, a piece of heaven for a chocolate lover as well.

Looking for some delicious sweet treats to have during winter? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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