Why Rollz Ice Cream Should be Your Number One Choice for Desserts in GTA

There’s no denying that there’s just so many choices when it comes to getting a dessert fix. There are many dessert shops, groceries and convenience stores, and it can even be made at home. Everyone has their go-to spot when it comes to desserts based on different factors such as preferences, service, and even the memories they have attached to it. Nevertheless, everyone has their go-to spot, while also open to trying new and upcoming spots.

While Rollz Ice Cream is another dessert store that is a must-try, here are some of the reasons why it should also become a number one choice for desserts in the Greater Toronto Area.


Rollz Ice Cream has stores located in parts of the GTA such as Scarborough, Brampton, and Ajax, with more locations to open in Mississauga, Kitchener, and Hamilton. This means that wherever one may be, whether you live there, have work there, or just happen to be in the area, you can get a dessert fix with Rollz Ice Cream. The stores are at good locations, often downtown or in proximity of other restaurants and spots for errands so you can grab a treat after an errand or meal.

Choices, lots of choices!

Rollz Ice Cream serves a wide range of desserts. While rolled ice cream is the biggest menu item, Rollz also serves eggless cheesecakes, milkshakes, and waffles. Whatever quick sweet treat you need, Rollz is bound to have it. Each dessert type also offers a wide range of flavors from ferrero rocher to the classic strawberry.

Wide Range of Flavors

The unique, desi flavors

While Rollz Ice Cream offers classic and fun flavors of different sweet treats, Rollz has a wide range of desi flavored desserts, especially in the rolled ice cream (kulfi) and milkshake (falooda) sections. These are unique flavors hailing from the South Asian region such as India and Pakistan.

The fun experience

Rollz Ice Cream is an open concept so customers are able to watch how their dessert is prepared, building anticipation for the sweet treats. Because Rollz Ice Cream’s main dessert offerings are rolled ice cream, this sweet treat is fun to watch, adding to a fun experience to the visit. Rolled ice cream starts off as an ice cream base that is then poured and mixed with other toppings and ingredients on a cold metal flat plate. The cold metal plate combined with the mixing makes for a rich and cream rolled ice cream treat. This is definitely a fun experience for all ages.

It’s so good!

Finally, Rollz Ice Cream is so – excuse the language – damn good! The desserts are all made of great quality ingredients, made with different types of delicious toppings for you to enjoy. There’s definitely a flavor for everyone to enjoy, and definitely a dessert for every occasion.

Want to grab a dessert from Rollz Ice Cream? Look at our vast menu of sweet treats from rolled ice cream to eggless cheesecakes, and visit one of our stores today!

Craving for some ice cream? Visit our stores and enjoy an array of rolled ice creams or milkshakes that are full of delicious creamy ice cream!

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