Which Ice Cream Flavor You Should Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Choosing which ice cream store to go to can be difficult with all the choices in the area. When you do finally pick a store, a new challenge arises – choosing the ice cream flavor. Depending on each store, you are met with a vast menu of ice cream flavors and combinations. How can you choose? While there are many ways to pick, here’s one way – your zodiac sign.

Aries – Mint Oreo

A fiery Aries wants to stand out and is no stranger to the new and different. They love trying new things and to stand out from the crowd. Mint Oreo, an uncommon combination, is the perfect ice cream flavor to entice and intrigue an easily bored Aries.

Taurus – ​​Maharaja Paan

The earthy Taurus might enjoy earthy flavors. The Maharaja Paan rolled ice cream uses desi flavors with herbs and coconut. Taurus would also try uncommon ice cream flavors so this is perfect for Taurus.

Gemini – Celebration Cake

The spontaneous and playful Gemini would most likely enjoy a celebration cake to match their lively energy. Full of color and sweet flavor, the celebration cake is the perfect ice cream flavor for the energetic Gemini.

Cancer – Galaxy Vanilla

Cancers take comfort in the familiar and are protective like the hard shell of a crab, and therefore requires so much to build trust. A simple vanilla flavored ice cream is perfect – simple but delicious.

Leo – Mava Jalebi kulfi

Leos are known to be passionate and bold, therefore the ice cream of choice would be an uncommon but bomb of a flavor, jalebi. This is a desi flavored ice cream made with jalebi, a popular Indian sweet treat that bursts in sweetness.

Virgo – Pistachio

Virgos are known to be logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This Earth sign would enjoy earthy flavors that can fuel their brains. Nuts are known for boosting brain function, the perfect flavor for a Virgo.

Libra – Nutella & Banana

Libras are all about balance, harmony, and justice. Because of this, flavors that have balancing elements are perfect for a Libra. The nutella and banana ice cream flavors balance chocolate indulgence with a healthy fruit.

Scorpio – Biscoff Salted Caramel

Mysterious and elusive, Scorpios flavor would be a combination of creamy salted caramel & biscoff cookie. The tough cookie with a sweet and salty flavor resembles a Scorpios tough exterior with a soft interior.

Sagittarius – Cafe Barista

A fire sign that knows no bounds, a Sagittarius is all over the place. They’re always on the pursuit for new things and knowledge, going on many adventures. To fuel this, coffee ice cream is the perfect flavor to keep Sagittarius moving.

Capricorn – Golden Oreo

The Capricorn is known for their patience, perseverance, and dedication. They are simple, but do have their fun moments. Because of this, the Capricorn’s flavor would be the Golden Oreo – an ice cream with vanilla mixed with Oreo cookies.

Aquarius – Sapodilla

Aquarius is known for being visionary and innovative, with a thirst to stand out. Because of this, a very uncommon sapodilla fruit is the perfect treat for an Aquarius. It is simple, but different from the rest.

Pisces – Rocky Road

Pisces are known to be the psychics of the zodiac sign with their intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic nature. An unpredictable rocky road is the perfect ice cream for a Pisces, giving them different combinations in a bite.

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