Where did rolled ice cream originate & how it became popular?

Where did rolled ice cream originate & how it became popular?

Ice cream is no doubt a favorite treat to many. It is a versatile sweet treat that comes in many flavors, forms, and toppings. From the typical churned ice cream, we have seen innovative approaches to preparing and serving it. One of those innovations, if we can call it that, is rolled ice cream.

Rolled ice cream is a popular and now beloved dessert around the world. It is made with a liquid ice cream base that is often heavy cream or a mixture of other ingredients. This base is then poured onto a cold flat metal plate that is topped with other ingredients such as fruits and chocolates. They are then mixed, rolled out, and then served with more toppings. It is such an interesting and fun concept that produces such a beautiful and delicious treat!

Where did it come from?

Rolled ice cream is traced back to 2009 when it was made in a Southeast Asian country called Thailand. This popular street sweet treat is also known as stir-fried ice cream or in Thai, ไอติมผัด pronounced I-Tim-Pad by Thai locals because of the way it is made. Instead of a hot metal plate like you would need to make typical stir-fry dishes, the flat metal plate is constantly freezing cold to make the ice cream base into rollable ice cream.

Because of its nature, rolled ice cream is prepared in front of customers and is often a delight to customers. It is a different and fun experience for many and people often enjoy taking videos of this experience and posting them on social media. Before it became popular across the world, many who saw these videos would be fascinated and rolled ice cream quickly grew in popularity across Asia at first then the world.

In Thailand and many other Asian countries, rolled ice cream stores are typically small stalls and are considered street food items.

Popularity booming

Rolled ice cream grew in popularity beyond the streets of Thailand not only because of its instagrammable qualities but also because it’s customizable. Ice cream stores that serve rolled ice cream have their default menu selections to choose from but because it is made to order, it can therefore be more customizable and personal to individual taste compared to traditional ice cream that’s usually made in large batches. You also get to enjoy the entire experience as you watch your rolled ice cream transform from individual ingredients to one delicious treat.

Rolling into the North American market

The rolled ice cream trend didn’t reach North America until around 2015, first landing on the east coast of the United States before making a quick move to Canada. No one knows for sure who first brought rolled ice cream into the country and may even cause debate among loyal customers. But one thing’s for certain that we can all agree on – it is a damn good treat for any given day, whenever, and wherever!

But don’t take our word for it – visit one of our stores and enjoy one of our delicious rolled ice creams today!

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