What Your Choice of Dessert Says About You

Everyone loves a good dessert, even if they’re not sweet tooths. It can be such great treats for any given day. And of course, while many enjoy a sweet treat, everyone has their own go-to desserts or favorites that they’ll never get bored of. There are ice creams, waffles, cakes, and so on that have become a favorite to many.

But, the choice of dessert can sometimes be telling of a person. Depending on the choice of dessert, here are their personality types. Of course, the assumptions are purely for fun, and don’t necessarily reflect the person entirely.

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolled Ice Cream

Those who love rolled ice cream love attention and are social butterflies. They are extremely outgoing and social, catching other people’s attention as they walk into the room. They’re everyone’s go-to person if they’re looking into having a fun night out. They enjoy trying out new things, often enjoying a new hobby now and then. They’re unpredictable in a good way, and love putting up a show for everyone. They do have a case of fomo – fear of missing out – and this is why people will see them everywhere. As the life of any party, they are usually well-liked by their friends and even around people they’ve just met.


Milkshake Lovers

Those who love milkshakes are ambiverts. They can be simple and chill, but can also be crazy and outgoing. They’re a delight to be around as they’re a good balance of relaxed and fun. Milkshake lovers may not be as outgoing as rolled ice cream lovers, but are definitely well-loved among friends and acquaintances. They’re always up for anything and can be all over the place. They blend into any crowd because of their versatile personality.

Eggless Cheesecake

Those who love eggless cheesecakes are more than meets the eye. At first glance, they look simple, but as people get to know them, they see a very deep person with a lot of things to say. There are layers to eggless cheesecake lovers, and they are emotionally connected. They are quite unpredictable though, one moment in complete serenity to a full diva. They’re unapologetic about who they are, but are still loved by those around them who like to keep it real.


Waffle Lovers

Those who love waffles have a warm and welcoming vibe to them, and are usually able to get along with everyone. They’re open to trying new things, especially with food, trying out different combinations, even if it can get weird. They’re easy going and are everyone’s go-to person when they need someone to rant to or have a chill hangout with. Waffle lovers are easy-going people, always up for a relaxing, chill night out about town. What you see is what you get from these easy-going people, but they can sometimes surprise people with random impulsive decisions.

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