Warm up your winter with waffles – how to make them at home

Winter is here! The cold weather and snow can make it so difficult to come out of our warm, cozy beds. While you do need to get out of bed eventually, you can still enjoy your warm cozy home without having to head out to the harsh cold. One great and delicious warm treat you can make at home to warm up your winter days is waffles. You can’t get any better than a plate of warm and fluffy waffles with a combination of your delicious toppings.

Making Waffles at Home

Making waffles at home is relatively easy, especially if you already have the equipment. Investing in an electric or stovetop waffle maker is ideal to get all those pockets that are characteristic of waffles. When you have your waffle maker ready, preparing everything else is easy. There are many variations of waffles, but the following is all about eggless waffles.

Preparing your batter

A classic waffle requires flour, baking powder, sugar, milk, butter, and vanilla extract. The ingredients of this waffle are of the eggless variety so eggs, which are often used for waffles, will be omitted. Using your favorite waffle recipe, measure out all the ingredients you need for the batter. You can add extra ingredients like blueberries or chocolate chips can also be added.

Cooking it up

When your batter is ready, oil up or butter up your waffle maker, pour some batter into the waffle maker, close it up, and wait for a few minutes. Some waffle makers have their own timers, but it usually takes 4–6 minutes to cook, or a few minutes more if you prefer a crispier waffle. A stovetop waffle maker works differently and requires an occasional flip to ensure both sides cook evenly.

Laying out your toppings

Once it’s cooked, lay your waffles on a plate. Add the toppings to your waffles. Here, you can let your imagination and creativity roam free. You can utilize the ingredients you already have in your fridge or make sure to buy the ingredients you need. Some great ideas for toppings include fruity toppings such as fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and fruit sauces to more chocolatey toppings such as crumbled Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and hot fudge. You can even mix them up if you like.

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We have some warm, delicious waffles waiting for you. Here are some you can try.

Classic Waffle

You can never go wrong with a classic and delicious waffle. The classic waffle is topped with delicious ice cream and other sweet treats. A warm, delicious treat for a cold winter’s day.

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffle

Want something a little fancier? Try the strawberry cheesecake waffle. Cracker crumbles, strawberries, and ice cream on top of waffles – need I say more?

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