Types of waffles

Waffles are hands down one of the most popular treats in the world. It can be a sweet or a savory treat depending on your preferences. Either way, both are absolutely delicious. The scent as it is made in the waffle maker is immediately recognizable, suddenly making you hungry for a bite.

As waffles are obviously very versatile, over time, the popular treat was made into different types and variations around the world. So, what makes a waffle and how can it be formed into different types? Read on to find out!

What makes a waffle?

While waffles have standard ingredients such as flour, butter, and baking powder, the ingredients may slightly vary depending on the type of waffle that is being made. Sometimes, other ingredients that are often used as toppings such as blueberries are added to the batter before the waffle is cooked to add some more texture and flavor to the waffle itself.

Additionally, waffles are usually made in between 2 hot metal plates, forming pockets in which toppings are held to make the perfect bite. The machine and contraption itself may vary for different types of waffles, but the concept of 2 hot plates remains the same.

Variations of waffles

Today, we see many different variations of waffles, and here are some of them.

Belgian Waffles

This type of waffle is the common waffle we see and is often compared to the classic American waffles because of their similarities. The yeast-leavened batter of Belgian waffles makes for its light and crispy exterior and a chewy, soft center. Belgian waffle makers often shape waffles with deeper pockets that will later hold toppings such as fruit and chocolate sauces.

The Classic American Waffles

This waffle is often compared to the Belgian waffles for its similarities. The difference is, that the classic American waffles are often denser than their Belgian counterparts. They share the same deep pockets that hold delicious sauces and toppings. While the Belgian ones are often the sweet types, the classic American waffles often have savory ones, even adding a hint of sweet honey or maple syrup to a top fried chicken or bacon waffle dish.

Dutch Waffles

The Dutch waffles or Stroopwafels or syrup waffles are different from other waffles. They look more like 2 thin crispy wafers with a gooey syrup center. They are also made with flour, yeast or baking powder, and sugar, with a slightly different type of waffle maker. While they do have small pockets, they’re not as deep as the Belgian ones.

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