Top 3 summer flavored rolled ice creams to try (if you haven’t already!)

Toronto is still in the middle of summer, but we’re closing in on cooler temperatures ahead. Before that happens, it’s time to soak in the summer sun and all things summer before heading into cold weather. One of the many things that’s a must is to enjoy the summer flavors.

While there are many cuisines and restaurants offering fresh summer flavors, you cannot forget the classic ice cream place that offers amazing rolled ice cream.

So, if you haven’t already tried them, here are 3 summer-flavored rolled ice creams for you!

Passion Pinnago

There is nothing else that screams summer than summer fruits such as passion fruit, pineapple, and mango! These tropical fruits are the epitome of summer. They’re delicious on their own, but together in a cold, rolled ice cream treat? Mindblowing! This rolled ice cream begins with a passion fruit ice cream base that is poured on a cold flat metal plate. It is then mixed with pineapple and mango until it forms a creamy, ice cream texture. The creamy mixture is then flattened, rolled out, and served with other delicious fruit, sauces, and chocolate toppings. This sweet treat is what summer is all about – fun, vibrant, and packs a flavorful punch!


What could be better than a refreshing watermelon on a warm summer day? Watermelon is another summer-inspired flavor that is perfect for any day, but most especially on a hot summer day. This refreshing rolled ice cream treat begins with a watermelon ice cream base that is poured on the cold flat metal plate. A few toppings are added before it is mixed into a beautiful creamy texture. This mixture is then flattened and rolled out, ready to be served with some more delicious toppings. Watermelons are known for their juicy flesh that provides great hydration on a hot summer day. This is a flavor that shouldn’t be missed!

Cotton Candy

If you want to try a different flavor that’s not fruit-based, the next best thing for a summer day is the sweet cotton candy flavor. Cotton candy is the must-have treat during summer fairs, carnivals, and festivals. On a hot day, step it up with rolled ice cream instead! This flavor begins with a cotton candy ice cream base poured on a cold flat metal plate. It is mixed until creamy, flattened out, and then rolled out to serve. It is served with additional toppings to make this treat extra special. This is another summer flavor that cannot be missed, and it is perfect if you’re not in the mood for fruit-based desserts.

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