The History of Waffles

The smell of waffles cooking is unmistakable – the familiar slightly sweet, comforting delicious scent is irresistible. Waffles are a popular and versatile treat or breakfast item. It goes great with fruit compotes, chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream, and other sweet toppings. But, it is also great as a savory dish like fried chicken and waffles.

Waffles are indeed delicious, but where did they originate from? What’s the story behind today’s delicious waffles?

The origins

Waffles are said to have been around for a very long time and historians have said that they originate from ancient Greece. The ancient Greek chefs would roast flat cakes between metal plates attached to long wooden handles. Those cakes were called obelios, and contrary to the word cake, these early waffles were not sweet at all.

Later, in medieval Europe, the Catholic church began serving a type of waffle-like wafer during the communion of blessings. Like the ancient Greeks, these wafers weren’t sweet. It later evolved as the new spices and ingredients were brought in from the east. Waffles then began to spread across Europe.

Waffles then were more like wafers, however, the Netherlands and Belgium were responsible for the waffles we are familiar with today. This is when we see the iconic waffle design and a sweeter version of waffles that we’re familiar with today.

It was only later that the waffles landed in America, introduced to them by the Dutch. This was when waffles were introduced with maple syrup. Since then the popularity of waffles grew and variations were born.

How is it made?

Waffles today come in many different variations. We know of the Dutch stroopwafels, the widely popular Belgian waffles, and even the Hong Kong Style bubble waffles. While it is popular, it is also easy to make and makes for a delicious treat, especially if you already have a waffle maker, where inexpensive options are available. For this, a standard, cakey Belgian waffle is being made.

In terms of ingredients, many households already have the items such as eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and flour. Other ingredients such as fruits and chocolate can also be incorporated into the waffle mixture itself and also be added as toppings.

The ingredients are often combined together and form a somewhat runny, but still thick and sticky batter. There are many recipes for different types of waffles that may not look entirely the same. Some may be doughier than others. When the batter is well mixed, they’re often poured into a waffle maker and closed to cook. The heat from both sides of the waffle maker iron ensures an even cook. Once it’s fully cooked, you can get creative and add all the toppings you desire.

Waffles and pancakes, in terms of ingredients, are fairly similar, it is simply the preparation that makes them different, especially in texture.

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