An exploration of different ice cream toppings and how they complement Rollz’s flavours

When it comes to ice cream toppings, the sky’s the limit. There are so many types of flavours and combinations that go well together and offer the best ice cream experience. The main element with toppings is its flavour and texture which elevates the dessert itself. At Rollz, we offer a wide variety of toppings that complements our flavours. It can be categorized based on texture.

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Mississauga’s best dessert spot: Rolled Ice Cream

Mississauga boasts vibrant art, historic villages, recreational parks, and shopping centres, and is home to a diverse community. Because of this, there’s a variety of restaurants and dessert spots across the area. While the best dessert spot is debatable and based on individual preferences, the best dessert spot for rolled ice cream is Rollz Ice Cream.