Sweet or salty, or both? Here’s how we experimented with a pickled rolled ice cream

Sweet and salty flavors have been known to complement each other, and this is also true in desserts. Some brownie recipes call for a sprinkling of sea salt on the top. Salt is a great flavor enhancer, and enhancing sweet desserts and flavors are no exception. For fun, Rollz Ice Cream experimented with using pickles as an ingredient for rolled ice cream. Pickles are known to have a savory, salty and sour flavor. How does it hold up as a sweet dessert in a rolled ice cream?

Experimenting with pickles

Recently, Rollz Ice Cream had a fun experiment incorporating pickles into a rolled ice cream. The pickles were first crushed up on the cold flat metal plate. While it took ages to do, it finally got small enough to add in the ice cream base. In hindsight, crushing the pickles might’ve been more productive, but it was definitely funny to watch the amount of time it took to crush it all up.

When the ice cream base was added, there was more crushing. This time, it was more about incorporating the crushed pickles into the ice cream base. Once it was mixed well, it was flattened out to roll. To be honest, it wasn’t the most rollable rolled ice cream flavor, in fact, it somewhat fell apart. No matter, it was served with a pickle as well. Flavor wise? Let’s just say, it’s something to experience to understand!

Here are some Rollz rolled ice cream flavors that incorporates sweet and salty

Biscoff Salted Caramel rolled ice cream

The classic salted caramel flavor is a great example of a perfect marriage between sweet and salty. The Biscoff salted caramel rolled ice cream is delicious in sweet caramel flavors with a soft hint of saltiness to balance the deep caramel sweetness. This rolled ice cream is delicious in caramel flavor, and to add some texture, Biscoff biscuits are added as a topping.

Netflix rolled ice cream

Popcorn usually has a slightly salted flavor to them. In the Netflix rolled ice cream, caramel popcorn is also featured. Bringing back caramel and salt to enhance the flavor, this is also another rolled ice cream flavor that deliciously incorporates sweet, deep caramel flavors and enhancing it with a hint of salty flavors from the popcorn.

Reese Peanut Butter rolled ice cream

While salt is not an actual ingredient in this rolled ice cream flavor, salt is an ingredient often added to peanut butter. The nutty flavors are enhanced with salt. In a rolled ice cream flavor, it does a great job incorporating the sweet, nutty peanuts into the chocolatey sweetness. Another great example of a perfect sweet and salty marriage.

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