Spring-inspired must-try ice cream flavors!

It is finally Spring! With flowers coming back to life, the weather relatively starting to warm up, and people coming out of a cold spell, it’s a perfect time to go out and enjoy flower fields, fun festivals, and of course, enjoy many delicious and fun treats. When spring comes around, we think of bright colors and refreshing flavors when it comes to food and desserts. Here are some delicious spring-inspired ice cream flavors for you to try.


Spring is all about blooming flowers, and roses just happen to have a beautiful flower that gives us a beautiful floral flavor. It’s used for teas and flavorings, giving any dish a floral and fresh taste. It is definitely a bright and lively flavor, worthy of a bright springtime treat.

Recommended flavors from Rollz: Rose Coconut and Rose & Pistachio

Nut Flavors

From peanuts to pistachios, these crunchy and nutty ingredients are great as the main star of the dessert or simply toppings onto your ice cream. Nuts add a great new texture to your ice cream and nut butters give it a more creamy and indulgent experience. It is a great festival-type flavor that shouldn’t go amiss during spring.

Recommended Flavors from Rollz: Bombay Kulfi, Pistachio Kulfi, Reese Peanut Butter


During spring, we also have a prominent holiday – Easter. Easter is of course full of chocolate easter eggs! While chocolate is a delicious flavor to enjoy all year round, you can never go wrong with more chocolate during spring. This is a great, classic flavor that blends well with other springtime flavors such as peanuts.

Recommended Flavors from Rollz: Mint Chip Mashup, Rocky Road

Cookies and Cream

This is another fun and delicious treat with a milky ice cream base mixed with delicious cookie crumbs. This is another delicious classic ice cream flavor that you wouldn’t want to miss. Its creamy texture is balanced with a crumbly cookie texture that makes this a delicious treat for the festival season during spring.

Recommended Flavors from Rollz: Cookies n Cream, Oreo Cheesecake


Another festival-type flavor, caramel goes great with everything and is definitely a great ice cream flavor. It adds a different depth of flavor and sweetness to the ice cream with its richness and decadence. It is often served as an ice cream flavor or topping, but pairs beautifully with biscuit bases. What a perfect way to enjoy spring!

Recommended Flavors from Rollz: Butterscotch, Biscoff Salted Caramel


What’s better than blending 2 desserts into 1? A celebratory dessert such as cake is a perfect way to welcome and celebrate spring. To elevate this already amazing dessert, why not transform it into ice cream topped with colorful and vibrant sprinkles? This sweet and vibrant treat shouldn’t be missed!

Recommended Flavors from Rollz: Birthday Cake, Celebration Cake

Rollz Ice cream has a variety of delicious and fun ice cream flavors for you to enjoy this springtime. Celebrate the beginning of spring and visit one of our stores today!

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