Rolled Ice Creams Inspired by Desi Desserts

Rolled Ice Cream originated from street foods in Thailand, but has since been a popular sweet treat across the world. Just like regular ice cream, the flavors and toppings can vary and ice cream makers – at home or as a profession – can get as creative as they want with these flavors and toppings combinations. One really unique thing here at Rollz is our Desi-inspired desserts, especially our growing menu of Desi rolled ice cream. So what are the desi desserts that have inspired our rolled ice cream flavors? Read on to find out!


A traditional Indian dessert, rajbhoj is a dessert made of cottage cheese, filled with nuts such as almonds and pistachios, green cardamom powder, and saffron. Rajbhoj is sometimes enhanced with gold food coloring and rose water. It is a sweet dessert treat that is enjoyed after meals or for festive and celebratory occasions. There is a variation of this delicious treat called rasgulla and it is made by combining paneer or chana, flour, and semolina, which is then formed into balls that are then soaked in hot sugar syrup.

Rollz offers rajbhoj rolled ice cream which uses the ingredients common in a rajbhoj dessert. It is delicious and decadent!

Matka Malai Kulfi

This is a popular traditional Indian ice cream dessert. It is often prepared with milk cream and then topped with delicious dry fruits for added flavor and texture. This dessert is usually denser and creamier than regular ice creams you get in tubs from grocery stores. Like regular ice cream, however, it can be made in different flavors.

Rollz offers Matka Malai kulfi in a rolled ice cream form. It is just as delicious and creamy as its traditional counterpart.


The Indian milkcake or known as Alwar Ka Mawa is rich and decadent. It is some kind of caramelized milk fudge that is made with ricotta cheese, and milk powder, and mixed with delicious pistachios, cardamom, and rose water. This delicious treat is popular in India and is often eaten during celebrations like Diwali.

Using milkcake, Rollz has created a delicious and decadent rolled ice cream flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more.


This is another popular, traditional sweet treat in India that is made with flour such as corn or gram, yogurt, baking soda, and saffron for that vibrant golden color. This batter mix is fermented which gives its deep, unique flavor. After fermentation, the batter is deep fried in spiral shapes, which is then immersed in sugar syrup.

This sweet treat is extremely sweet and is a perfect flavor as a rolled ice cream at Rollz. Its sweet, unique flavors are used to make the rolled ice cream and the jalebi itself is used as toppings.

Looking for desi-inspired desserts in the Greater Toronto Area? Look no further and drop by any Rollz Ice Cream store locations. We offer a variety of Desi-inspired rolled ice cream that is sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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