Rolled Ice Cream Flavors for the Cake Lovers

We are all familiar with rolled ice cream, from the fun experience of watching it being made to the first spoonful of sweet goodness. There are so many different types of rolled ice cream flavors – how can anyone choose? At Rollz, we also offer a wide variety of rolled ice cream flavors, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to see the menu and make a decision.

For cake lovers, the good news is that Rollz Ice Cream also offers cake-based rolled ice cream flavors. So if you love cake or just want to try a different type of rolled ice cream flavor, here are some cake-based rolled ice cream flavors to try.

Strawberry Shortcake

You can’t go wrong with a classic strawberry shortcake. And as a rolled ice cream flavor? Absolutely divine! The light fluffy shortcake paired with cream and strawberries is a perfect combination. The creaminess is balanced with the tangy strawberry and makes for a relatively lighter rolled ice cream dessert.

Red Velvet

The delicious red velvet ice cream roll is another great one to try. Red velvet cakes are known to have complex flavors because of the variety of ingredients used and make for an amazing rolled ice cream flavor. If you’re a big fan of red velvet cake, this rolled ice cream flavor is definitely a must-try!

Birthday Cake

Soft cake with cream and lots of colorful sprinkles is what makes a birthday cake. It is a fun, and somewhat nostalgic cake, perfect for celebrating birthdays as it is a lighter flavor for everyone to enjoy. Of course, as a rolled ice cream flavor, the birthday cake is taken to the next level. It is delicious, nostalgic, and just a fun birthday treat.

Celebration Cake

Not your birthday but still want to celebrate a special occasion? There’s the celebration cake. It is similar to the birthday cake flavor, where you can enjoy the cake and sprinkles as well. Another fun and delicious cake-flavored ice cream treat for those who just love cakes.

Fudge Brownie

Fudge brownies are a category of their own. If you want to try something with more chocolate and more decadence, the fudge brownie is the one. It is super chocolatey and rich in flavor, a piece of heave for a chocolate lover as well. As a rolled ice cream flavor, there’s no skimping out on making a chocolate-rich dessert.


If you want something even more decadent and rich, cheesecake is the rolled ice cream flavor for you. Rollz Ice Cream has 2 cheesecake rolled ice cream flavors: strawberry and oreo. For those wanting a more fruity-flavored cheesecake rolled ice cream, strawberry cheesecake is the way to go. For a rich and indulgent one, oreo cheesecake is the best choice.

Craving for cakey-rolled ice cream in the Greater Toronto Area? Look no further – Rollz Ice Cream has got your back! We have a selection of delicious and indulgent rolled ice cream flavors for you to try. Come visit our stores today!

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