Refreshing Fruity Rolled Ice Creams Flavors you must try

No matter the time or season, fruits are one of the best and most refreshing treats. It is also highly versatile, allowing anyone to use its flavors for everything from juices to desserts. For those who love desserts, but are still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, fruit desserts such as ice cream and milkshakes are such great ways to fulfill a sweet tooth. Here are some refreshing fruity rolled ice cream flavors for you to try.

Passion Pinnago

This refreshing rolled ice cream flavor is a combination of 2 very refreshing fruits – passion fruit and pineapple. 2 very tropical fruits make for a sweet and tangy ice cream roll. If you’re a fan of passion fruit and/or pineapple, this would be a tasty treat for you to try. Both passion fruit and pineapple are also high in vitamin C, so it is a good alternative to regular desserts if you’re looking for a healthier sweet treat.

Blue Blizzard

Beautiful Taste of Blueberries

This rolled ice cream flavor makes use of the refreshing and beautiful taste of blueberries. While blueberries are delicious, it is known for their antioxidant properties, making them a top choice for those with a sweet tooth, but also looking after their health. Blueberries are highly versatile and can be paired with absolutely anything.

Mango Fiesta

Mango is one of the most beloved fruits in the world and would definitely make a delicious, fruity rolled ice cream. Its sweet and slightly tangy flavor is refreshing and addicting. Made into rolled ice cream and topped with different toppings, this sweet treat will leave you wanting more.


Sapodilla or also known as chikoo is a unique fruit with unique flavors and texture. Originating from southern Mexico, Central America, and parts of the Caribbean, it has grown in popularity and is also loved in Asia. It is sweet and definitely makes for a good rolled ice cream.


Guava is another tropical fruit with a unique and refreshing flavor. The fruit is believed to have originated in Southern Mexico and in Central America. This fruit is not only delicious but also high in vitamin C helps boost your immune system and protects against infections.


This Southeast Asian fruit is a popular flavor for cold drinks and sweets like jelly. This sweet fruit is delicious and refreshing with any type of dessert and is known to contain many healthy minerals that help protect against heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. This flavor in rolled ice cream absolutely refreshing and delicious.


Said to have originated from southern Africa, this delicious, juicy fruit is versatile. It goes great in anything such as smoothies, ice cream, and on its own. It is delicious, but also great for hydration. Because it’s a versatile fruit, it is absolutely delicious as a rolled ice cream flavor.

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