Put the Fright in Freak Shakes this Halloween! How you can dress up your shake

When Fall comes around, the Halloween season comes creeping by the corner. It’s time to dress up in crazy and fun costumes, and even go all out on the decorations at home and for parties. One thing we can also dress up is our food and dessert with fun and spooky looking treats.

If you’re a fan of milkshakes, this is for you! Dress up your milkshakes for Halloween.

How do you make a milkshake?

There 3 main things to consider when creating your milkshake: the dairy base (often ice cream and milk), the overall flavor of the milkshake, and the additional toppings on the milkshake. With milk and ice cream as the dairy base, you can begin to make a milkshake. Often, other delicious toppings are included in the milkshake as well. Those toppings include Oreo cookies, strawberries, bananas, and many more. Combine everything in a blender, add some more toppings and serve!

Some Halloween toppings and ingredients to dress up your shakes!

Halloween is all about dressing up! Using the same toppings and ingredients for milkshakes, you can create a spooky, Halloween milkshake.

When you think of Halloween, colors like black, orange, red, and green come to mind. A great and simple way to dress up your shakes is to use colors. Green, for example, can be achieved through mint chocolate ice cream as one of its dairy bases. Strawberries or cherries can achieve the red color in the milkshake.

When it comes to toppings and decors for the milkshake, pre-made candies such as gummy worms and Halloween-themed gummy candies like vampire teeth and eyeballs. It’s Halloween, so get as creative and crazy as you want.

Try out some shakes at Rollz!

If you’re looking into getting some milkshakes this spooky season at Rollz, here are some flavors to try.

Nut-i-wanna milkshake

This a fun, nutty milkshake, great for a Halloween treat. It is chocolatey and nutty, and extremely filled with creamy deliciousness. This is a great treat for fall and Halloween, or any other day of the year, really. It is delicious and a favorite to many with it’s creamy and crunchy texture.


This is the perfect treat for vampires, hungry for blood! The berry flavored milkshake is tangy, creamy and do delicious, you’ll be left wanting for more. This is a great Halloween treat for our vampires in town.


Oreos are a crowd-pleaser and definitely not to be missed during Halloween season. This delicious milkshake treat is creamy with delicious oreo bits and toppings. If you’re a fan of Oreo cookies, this milkshake is a must-have!

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