Our Philosophy

When guests walk into a Rollz Ice Cream store, they know they are in for a treat. They’re greeted with bright smiles and colors, along with a cornucopia of creamy goodness! Guests have been loving our products from the very first Rollz location that opened in Scarborough in 2017. Since then, Rollz franchisees have opened 5 locations that dish out happiness alongside creamy rolled ice creams, warm waffles, milkshakes and chimney cones.
Rollz is thriving because we provide unique Thai rolled ice cream that combines the best of Thai and Canadian dessert traditions. The result is an experience unlike any other that has earned Rollz a cult-like following. Rollz has succeeded, thanks to a business model that helps entrepreneurs start and grow a business that they love. Our walk-in and dine-in options help make it a simple-to-run, simple-to-grow business model, while our catering options make it a great fit for entrepreneurs who are looking for a fun, community-oriented business.

About the Founders