National Strawberries and Cream Day: An excuse to have more desserts!

Strawberries are such versatile fruits, perfect in any form during summer. Whether you like them in cakes and ice creams, or just on its own, this sweet and sometimes tart fruit goes great with anything. As they’re delicious, they’re also very nutritious seasonal fruits rich in vitamin C. As there’s a day to celebrate almost every dessert and sweet treat but this coming May 21st, let’s celebrate strawberries and cream! This is a perfect sweet treat for the Spring and Summer weather as they’re absolutely refreshing and light. While May is the month of these beautiful red strawberries, nothing is better than pairing the sweet and tangy fruit with sweet cream. So, what’s the significance of this day and how can we celebrate it? Read on to find out!
Let’s Celebrate Strawberries and Cream

The History and Significance

Strawberries in particular date back to ancient Rome, where ancient Romans believed that they held medicinal properties that helped alleviate many illnesses such as fevers, inflammation, and kidney stones. However, food historians believe that the fruit dates back further into ancient Greece. In ancient England, the fruit was seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury. It was often served with afternoon tea.

According to rumors and tall tales, strawberries and cream were first served as a treat by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey at a banquet during Henry VIII’s reign. The story goes as King Henry VIII’s court had to feed around 600 lords and ladies twice a day. Cardinal Thomas came up with an idea to pair the two as a dessert as it was quick to prepare. Another version of the story is that Cardinal Thomas mixed up the ingredients during the banquet, and whatever the royals ate, became fashionable. Whether it’s true or not, its popularity grew and we can’t deny its indulgent taste.

An interesting story of the fruit harvest and availability coincides with Wimbledon tennis tournaments. So in 1877, the first-ever Wimbledon Tournament served strawberries and cream to 200 of its spectators. No one truly knows how this delicious sweet treat became a part of Wimbledon, but we wouldn’t complain if we were served strawberries and cream! Since then, the fruit has become Wimbledon’s snack of choice.

How do we celebrate national strawberries and cream day?

Now that you’ve learned a little about the history of strawberries and cream, there are many ways to enjoy this sweet treat to celebrate this day. You can whip up some cream and enjoy them with a bowl of fresh strawberries to celebrate at home on your own, or share them with family friends. You can even have a mini party just as an excuse to make enjoy this wonderful treat.

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