Must try halal dessert-inspired rolled ice cream flavors!

Rollz Ice Cream is known for its variety of desserts, especially a vast option of rolled ice cream flavors. But, another key characteristic that Rollz Ice Cream is known for is its halal and desi-inspired flavors, with many flavor options in their rolled ice cream section. Here are some of the flavors that you must try!

Rose and Pistachio rolled ice cream

Rose is a beautiful flower with a sweet scent, but it can also be turned into a beautiful flavoring for food, especially for desserts in India. This rolled ice cream begins with a rose and pistachio ice cream base, mixed in with some dried roses and crunchy pistachios. This is a delicious treat for those who enjoy a refreshing floral and nutty taste. This ice cream flavor is one of the desi-flavored rolled ice cream flavors from Rollz.

Rajboj rolled ice cream

Rajbhog is a traditional Indian dessert made with Indian cottage cheese filled with nuts such as almonds and pistachios, green cardamom powder, saffron, and, sometimes, mawa (dried milk solids). It is nutty and creamy and makes for a delicious rolled ice cream flavor. This rich rolled ice cream flavor is definitely a must-try.

Fruits and Nuts rolled ice cream

You can never go wrong with a fresh and nutty combination of fruits and nuts rolled ice cream. The combination of fruits and nuts is common, especially in the South and Middle East regions of Asia. It is refreshing from the fruits, with a hint of earthiness to it from the nuts. In a rolled ice cream form, it makes for a delicious and fun dessert to have.

Orange kulfi

Kulfi is usually made of condensed milk (milk and sugar) and flavorful ingredients. It is a popular ice cream treat in India and can come in different flavors, including orange. This citrusy kulfi flavor is a refreshing treat, perfect for any day. Orange is known to be high in vitamin C and good for hydration.


An Indian traditional treat, milk cake is a type of milk fudge made with milk, sugar, ghee (clarified butter, and an acidic agent, often lemon juice. The milk cake is often made by simmering the milk at low until it reduces, then an acidic agent is added to curdle the milk. This is then made into a cake mixture. The milk cake is great as a rolled ice cream flavor as well.

Bombay kulfi

The Bombay kulfi begins with a saffron kulfi  (ice cream) base. It is then poured on a cold flat metal plate, then topped with almonds. Bombay Kulfi is a vibrant and delicious desi-flavored treat. This flavor is sweet, creamy, and crunchy with a slight floral hint from the saffron. It is definitely a must-try desi flavor.

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