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Milkshakes and Faloodas

You probably searched for the ‘Best Milkshake Near Me’ or ‘Falooda Near Me’ and ended up here – well, look no further because Rollz Ice cream’s got your back. We have one of the best milkshakes and Faloodas in the area with flavors from the refreshing pina colada milkshake to the flavor explosive Kesar Falooda. Rollz Ice cream uses the best and freshest ingredients in our milkshakes and Faloodas that is sure to leave you satisfied, but also wanting for more. If you’re craving for a sweet and creamy treat or simply wanting a sweet drink, we have the best milkshakes and Faloodas for you to try.

What are you waiting for? Visit our stores for the best milkshake and the best Falooda near you! We are located in Scarborough, Brampton, and Ajax.