Milkshake flavors to try this summer

As the weather fluctuates and the summer still keeps people warm, it is common to become dehydrated and crave refreshing treats. There are many ways to quench thirst and stay hydrated and enjoy the summer flavors. One great sweet treat for the summer is a nice cold, refreshing milkshake. Packed with ice cream and many other flavors and toppings, it doesn’t only hydrate you during a warm sunny day, it gives you the energy to enjoy the summer.

Milkshakes come in many different flavors and topping combinations, it is hard to pick which one you should go for. As there are many great flavors, here are some flavors to start with that you should try this summer.


Berries are a must during summer. Berries are delicious and versatile, complementing the flavors of any dish, both sweet and savory. While delicious and versatile, they are also high in antioxidants. Berries of all kinds are packed with vitamins that are great for maintaining a strong immune system. Because of these reasons, berries milkshakes are so great during the summer. It is refreshing and really good for you.


Another great and delicious fruit perfect for summer is mango. Mango is a beloved fruit around the world. Originating from India, this fruit has become a popular sweet treat across the world from India’s mango mastani to Thailand’s mango sticky rice. Another versatile fruit, delicious as a milkshake. As it is also a fruit, it is packed with good nutrients.


While fruit-flavored treats are one of the best ways to hydrate and feel refreshed during the summer, floral flavors make great options too. This aromatic and beautiful flower is versatile and is used in many South and Middle East Asian cuisines, especially in desserts. It gives any dish this extra, relaxing aroma, but also gives it a new depth of flavor. This flavor is a great and refreshing milkshake for a warm sunny day.


Another floral and beautiful flavor, saffron was believed to have originated from the Mediterranean area, Asia Minor, and Iran. Today, like the rose, this beautiful part of a flower called saffron crocus is used in many different cuisines in Asia and other parts of the world. It is a versatile ingredient and is seen to be used in both sweet and savory dishes, also adding a vibrant, natural coloring to the dish. The saffron milkshake is definitely refreshing on a summer day.


If you’re not a fan of fruit or floral flavors, you can’t go wrong with Oreos. An Oreo milkshake is a delicious treat, having similar profiles to regular cookies and cream-flavored ice cream. It can also be refreshing but it gives a more festival or carnival vibe that is prominent during summertime. It is another go-to milkshake flavor if you like to keep things simple.

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