Making an eggless cheesecake

Cheesecakes are decadent desserts that many of us crave once in a while. Its creamy, rich texture and mouthfeel, and its flavor profile are absolutely sensational, leaving us wanting another piece. Cheesecake recipes can come in different variations. For those allergic to eggs or avoiding eggs in their diet altogether, good news – you can still have a decadent cheesecake without them. Here are the ingredients to use.

The Flavor

When it comes to cheesecakes, you can get as creative as you want, but it comes down to the basic elements to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing to think about is the flavor. Cheesecakes can come in different flavors from the classic strawberry cheesecake to a more chocolatey Ferrero Rocher cheesecake. You can even go nutty with pistachios! Once you’ve decided on what flavor you want, you can then decide what kind of crust and filling you need.

The crust

Super Creamy Texture of Cheesecakes

What balances the super creamy texture of cheesecakes is their crust. A crust can be made in different ways but it usually begins with a base made of biscuits, cookies or crackers, and butter. In a cheesecake, graham crackers are usually used as the crust base, but you can use any type of biscuit, cookie, or cracker crumb such as Oreo.

The butter is also incorporated into the crust base and ensures that the crust doesn’t fall apart, especially when you’re cutting into the cheesecake. It is often added in its melted liquid form, either mixed into the crust crumbs by hand or in the grinder with the crumbs.

The filling

The filling is usually a rich mixture of cream cheese, heavy cream, sugar, condensed milk, sour cream, and any other ingredients that make up the flavor of the cheesecake. Cheesecakes are usually made with eggs, forming a custard-like dessert. Eggs act like a thickening agent that allows cheesecakes to keep their form once baked and kept in the fridge. With that, how does one go about making an eggless cheesecake then?

There are many substitutes for eggs in cheesecakes. In this case, condensed milk and heavy cream act as substitutes for the eggs to ensure it keeps a thick texture. Also, ensure that the dairy ingredients that you use are full fat or of high-fat content as this also contributes to a rich and creamy cheesecake (it’s okay to indulge sometimes, moderation is key!). This filling is put into the crusted cake mold to bake and set.

The topping

This is the fun part – adding toppings. You can get absolutely creative here – there are no rules to what you can or cannot add as topping for our cheesecake, as long as you know you’ll enjoy it. Toppings such as Ferrero Rocher chocolates or Oreo cookies are great, or if you want a more fruity flavor, you can opt for strawberries and fruit sauces.

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