Key ingredients that make for the perfect milkshake!

Who doesn’t enjoy a great milkshake? Milkshakes are such fun and delicious drinks that are perfect for any occasion and it is definitely great for any kind of weather as well. They come in many great flavors. Milkshakes first originated from the United States. It was said that in 1922, Walgreens employee, Ivan “Pop” Coulson, sought to improve Walgreens’ chocolate malt beverage.
Through this process, he mixed ingredients such as milk, chocolate syrup and malt powder. However, he added 1 special ingredient that changed everything – ice cream. It is then that milkshakes were born and continue to be a favorite treat for many until today. It’s made such an impact that there’s a National Vanilla Milkshake Day on June 20 and National Chocolate Milkshake Day on September 12 to celebrate this delicious treat. Milkshakes have since grown in popularity across different parts of the world. There are variations and similarities of milkshakes like that of an Indian falooda. A falooda is a Mughlai Indian version of the cold dessert made with noodles and ingredients similar to milkshakes. Its origins go back to the Persian dish faloodeh and there are so many variants of this dessert found across West, Central, and South Asia. Milkshakes Are Fun
Milkshakes are fun to make and eat. Here are some ingredients to consider when making the perfect milkshake.

The Dairy

What’s a milkshake without milk? Milk is often used as a base for milkshakes. It can come in different flavors such as the regular milk flavor, strawberry and chocolate. In a milkshake, ice cream is also added to create a rich, creamy texture. Ice creams also come in different flavors and can be paired with the milk depending on the flavor profile you want to achieve in the end. Usually, the ice cream is what makes the milkshake special as it’s the ingredient that gives milkshakes that cold, creamy, and rich texture.


Flavors can be added on top of the milk base. These can range from fruits such as mango or strawberry to the classic chocolate. More flavor can be added into milkshakes by also adding in some other sweet treats into the milkshakes such as nutella, oreos and actual strawberries.You can get absolutely creative here and blend in different ingredients to reach the flavor you like.


Milkshakes won’t be complete with some extra treats on top. While some milkshakes already blend in some toppings into the milkshake, there is always room for more toppings. You can add in anything you desire such as whipped cream, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, bananas, and even a whole piece of red velvet cake!  You can also add in falooda noodles as toppings. These add depth of flavor and texture into your milkshake. The sky’s the limit when it comes to topping your milkshake. Rollz Ice cream has a selection of milkshakes and faloodas for you from a tropical and refreshing pina colada milkshake to a flavor explosive kesar falooda. Come visit our stores now and grab a milkshake or falooda!

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