Ice cream can be healthy – here’s why!

Now we know what you’re thinking –ice cream can’t generally be healthy, right? Is this blog clickbait? Ice cream is known to be full of sugary goodness, topped with many other sugary treats – how can that possibly be considered healthy? Before you leave, hear us out! Ice can be healthy and here’s why.

Does ice cream even have any nutritional value?

Food, even ice cream, has some nutritional value. It might not be a superfood that’s rich in nutrients needed to maintain your body. We already hear the many cons of ice cream and how unhealthy it can be, but this loved treat also has some benefits and offers some nutrition. Of course, you cannot rely purely on ice cream for your diet, but it doesn’t mean you cannot have a treat or 2 once in a while.

It is important to note that while ice cream does have some nutritional value in it, it doesn’t contain high amounts of it.
Ice Creams Contains Nutrition Value

Minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium

Most ice creams contain milk and are naturally rich in calcium which is great for strong teeth and bones. It also contains other minerals such as potassium and magnesium great for maintaining blood pressure. However, it doesn’t contain that much of it. This can be supplemented by fruits such as bananas which are known to have high potassium.

Vitamins like A and D

Again, with ice cream containing milk, it can be high in vitamins such as A and D, and other smaller amounts of other types of vitamins. Of course, since it is ice cream, it doesn’t contain high amounts of vitamins and again can be supplemented through fruits and other topping ingredients.

Protein and carbohydrate

Because of ice crema’s protein and carbohydrate content, ice cream is also great at boosting your energy. This is an especially great small treat before a big hike or any strenuous activity that requires a little extra boost in energy.

How else can it be healthy?

While nutritionally it cannot compare to vegetables or other superfoods, ice cream can be great mental support on days you’re feeling down. There’s no denying that ice cream can make us happy. It is a fun and delicious treat that undeniably boosts our happy hormones. It is even said to boost dopamine and serotonin, hormones that help stabilize moods, regulate anxiety, and improve your overall happiness.
While ice cream isn’t a superfood, it is still a great treat to elevate your mood. We’ve all been through difficult days and sometimes, giving yourself a sweet, cold treat is a great way to turn your day around.
Like with everything else, overindulging isn’t healthy. With moderation, ice cream can be a great once-in-a-while treat. Rollz Ice cream would love to serve you some happiness – we have a variety of sweet treats from ice cream to milkshakes that are great for your soul. Check out our menu and visit one of our stores today!

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