How our story lives on in the hands and homes of our communities. Recycle, reuse, reimagine.

Story time! Heading up to a grocery store, we at Rollz came across a sweet lady selling plants outside. Often, plants that are sold in places such as shops and markets are placed in standardized plant pots and containers. However, the sweet lady’s plants were potted in different types of pots of various colors and sizes. Curiosity got the better of us, so they made their way closer to the lady to investigate.

The colorful pots, to our surprise, were the very same cups we used at Rollz to serve our customers all the delicious rolled ice cream treats! This was a treat for us and immediately made our hearts full. It got us thinking about how we can help our planet better.

Recycle, reuse, reimagine

While businesses cannot avoid single-use products such as our rolled ice cream cups, it makes one think: what are other ways people businesses and people do to avoid the destruction of our home? Products such as food and drinks require sanitary and hygienic standards to provide customers high-quality products, therefore the use of single-use containers and utensils are still often required. While there are many ways to imagine new possibilities and innovations to replace these products and answer these concerns, people can still support in this cause in other ways.

Some ways you can recycle and re-use with Rollz

Plants and gardening

Much like the lady in the story, cups and containers from Rollz can be re-used for plants and anything gardening related. The ice cream cups and dessert plates can be made into starter pots for plants, while milkshake cups can be used in the same manner or as a container to water plants, especially those indoor. Spoons can be re-used to label plants around the house as well.

DIY Projects

Great for kids, containers and utensils can be re-used for art projects and just a way for kids and adults to get their creative hats on. It is a great family activity and a great way to bond and bring out your artistic side while reusing what you already have and without having to buy new materials that will eventually contribute to waste.

Storage and Supplies Holder

Some containers at Rollz can be used as a way to store and hold supplies such as stationeries like paper clips, pens and pencils, or other supplies such as detergent powder. Rollz containers, especially the ice cream containers, come in vibrant colors great for decor and holding supplies.

Trash Management and Recycling

If there’s no use for containers, trash management and sending them off to recycling is still an option. While containers such as paper cups can’t be used in recycling bins due to the wax paper in them, other items like plastic cups can still be placed in the appropriate recycling bins.

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