How does a rolled ice cream machine work?

Getting rolled ice cream is a fun and delicious experience. We order the flavor we want, we watch an ice cream creator prepare our order, roll it out, add some toppings, and finally serve it to us where we get to enjoy the treat. The experience can be fun, but how does it all work? How does liquid and a couple of ingredients turn into rolled-out ice cream in a matter of minutes?

1.  The Preparation

Rolled ice cream begins as a liquid ice cream base. This base can be made from a mixture that contains heavy cream or milk, or even sometimes vegan options such as coconut milk or fruit bases. Just imagine regular ice cream before it was churned and frozen. This liquid ice cream base is prepared with other toppings and ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, and cake based on the menu order. Each menu item is prepared with different ingredients.


2.  The Show

When the ingredients are ready, they’re placed and poured onto an extremely cold – about -20°C to -30°C – flat metal plate. It is important that this flat pan remains cold as this is how the ice cream base starts to solidify and turn into ice cream.  The ice cream creator uses 2 metal spatulas to mix and integrate the ice cream base and other ingredients.

As they continue to mix, the cold flat metal plate continuously cools the ingredient. Because the liquid base continues to cool and is also continuously mixed, it turns into this rich, creamy ice cream.

The Show

3.  The Finale

Once all the ingredients are well incorporated and the ice cream is of appropriate consistency, the ice cream is then flattened out across the flat metal plate. The flattened-out ice cream is sometimes drizzled with a couple more ingredients, but if not, the ice cream creator begins the part we’ve all been waiting for – the rolling.


Because the ice cream has become solid and the flat metal plate is continuously keeping it cold, the ice cream creator can easily roll out the ice cream with the metal spatula. Each ice cream roll is about the same size and is fitted into a cup.


To put the cherry on top – figuratively and literally – the ice cream creator then continues completing their work of art by adding more toppings. The rolled ice cream is then served to a delighted customer.


The entire experience is reminiscent of a Japanese Tepanyaki dinner. When we think about Japanese Tepanyaki, we are presented with various ingredients with a chef preparing and cooking our selected dishes in front of us on a hot flat metal plate. Rolled ice cream is a dessert version of a Japanese Tepanyaki, both obviously fun and delicious experiences.

But don’t take our word for it – visit one of our stores today! We don’t have Japanese Tepanyaki, but we’re sure we can delight you with our delicious and vast rolled ice cream menu and other sweet treats!

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