Home-made Falooda Recipe

Faloodas are essentially a Desi version of milkshakes, absolutely super packed with delicious ingredients and flavors! Originating from Persian cuisine, this delicious dessert drink has become a favorite to many across the world and especially in the South Asian region. It is a tasty and textural experience that leaves you wanting more. There are different variations of this dessert across Asia as well as such as the Filipino halo halo.

The good news is, you can definitely make falooda at home. Read on to know what ingredients to prepare, how to prepare them, and the flavors you can try.

The Ingredients

The falooda is known for its beautiful and delicious layers of ingredients. Here is the list of ingredients to prepare when you’re making your falooda at home.

Vermicelli noodles

Often made with corn starch, this is one of the main ingredients of a falooda. You can often find them in Indian grocery stores and cooked al dente at home. This ensures a good texture when mixed with other ingredients.

Sweet Basil Seeds

This is similar to chia seeds and it is one characteristic layer, flavor, and texture of the falooda. They swell up quickly and have a distinct texture and flavor.


Usually, the milk is cooked down to thicken and then cooled. You can sweeten it as well if you want. Alternatively, you can just use full-fat milk to skip the extra step. For healthier versions, plant-based milk can also be used.

Ice Cream

Depending on the overall flavor of your falooda, you can use any ice cream flavor you like. Vanilla ice cream is common, but you can also use mango for the mango-flavored falooda.


Pistachios are often used in falooda desserts, but you can also almonds, cashews, and other nuts of your choice. This can be omitted for those with nut allergies or who do not like them.


Often, red-colored jello such as strawberry is often used as one of the layers of a falooda. It adds another depth of flavor and texture to this falooda treat.

Rose Syrup

Rose-flavored falooda is a common flavor and is often used as another flavoring for the falooda dessert treat. It is often used instead of sugar, but sugar or maple syrup can be used as an alternative.

Other ingredients and toppings

The above are standard flavors of a falooda, but you can also add rose petals, dried fruits, fresh fruits, saffron, and honey as garnish.

Serving Faloodas

Falooda is usually served in tall clear glass and is layered. The finished product is a beautiful layered dessert. The layers can differ but it is often layered with syrup first, then jelly, vermicelli, basil seeds, milk, ice cream, and topped with nuts, and other ingredients.

Recommended Flavors to Try

Faloodas can come in various delicious flavors and topping combinations. Some flavors to try are Rose Falooda, Kesar (saffron) Falooda, and Rabdi Falooda.

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