Fun desserts to celebrate with your mom on Mother’s Day

Moms are the underrated superheroes in this world. Though they don’t possess superpowers, they somewhat possess the love, will, energy, and determination of a superhero. Many take on this role knowing the responsibility they must carry, and it is an extremely difficult role to fulfill. While it’s important to appreciate and celebrate the mother figures in our lives every single day, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to make them feel extra special. Come celebrate your supermom this mother’s day with some fun, delicious treats. Here are some to try out!

Celebration Cake Rolled Ice Cream

This is a no-brainer. The celebration cake rolled ice cream is a fun, delicious treat worthy of a mother’s day treat. It begins with a cake base that is put on a cold, metal plate to cool and mixed with other ingredients. It is later rolled and topped with fun yellow sprinkles. Definitely a fun experience with a delicious treat to celebrate.

Strawberry Cracker Waffle

A fruity waffle dessert you wouldn’t want to miss on Mother’s Day. This is a refreshing and filling dessert waffle that is reminiscent of a strawberry cheesecake but in waffle form. This treat comes with a waffle that is topped with strawberries, graham crackers, and a big, delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream. This is pretty much a strawberry cheesecake waffle version.

Rose Falooda

Alongside flowers, treat your mom with a delicious rose falooda. A falooda itself is an Indian dessert made of noodles and it is usually placed as a topping with their milkshake equivalent. A rose falooda is flavored with rose and adds a delicious floral scent and flavor to your milkshake. It is topped with delicious treats like whipped cream, sprinkles, and of course, we can’t forget the falooda.

Tiramisu Rolled Ice Cream

Another fun rolled ice cream you must try is the tiramisu rolled ice cream. This delicious dessert begins with a tiramisu base that is poured onto a cold, metal plate, and mixed with other ingredients to make this creamy delicious ice cream. It is then rolled and topped with some chocolate and cake. This is a special, yummy treat worthy of your superhero mom. Rollz ice cream has a selection of Tiramisu flavored desserts, so if you’re not up for rolled ice cream, we offer tiramisu shakes as well.

Ferrero Rocher Eggless Cheesecake

Treat your mom with a special eggless cheesecake, topped with nuts and a delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolate. This indulgent and flavorful cheesecake doesn’t contain eggs, but it is still a rich and decadent dessert. The dessert is made of a chocolate cheesecake base, topped with chocolate, nuts, and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate. A special treat for your special mom.

This mother’s day, Rollz Ice Cream would love to invite you and the mother figures in your life for a fun time! Visit our stores and try our vast menu of delicious treats that is sure to make your mom feel extra special.

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