Escape the 9 to 5

Take charge of your future and invest in yourself today!

As an owner of a successful business, you will find new fulfillment, freedom, and control of your life. With a business of your own, you can make your own decisions from choosing your schedule, to people you hire, and goals you set for the business.

We will be with you every step of the way. As a franchisee of Rollz Ice Cream, you will receive a week of in-person training with our corporate staff. This is where you will learn from our experienced team, receive all the tools and systems necessary to get your business off the ground, and build confidence in your own ability to succeed. You will learn more in-depth about our various processes including finance management, marketing strategies, employee recruitment, optimizing your schedule for greater profits, and becoming familiar with the various product lines of Rollz Ice Cream.

Why Franchising

A franchise is a business in which an established business called ‘franchisor’ sells the rights to use their company name, trademarks and business model to independent operators, called ‘franchisees’.

Typically franchising involves a one-off franchise fee, plus an ongoing percentage of sales revenue and other fees.
Franchising offers an established business opportunity to start your own business without having to start from scratch. It provides benefits of a proven business model and products or services, with an experienced support team who understands the business inside out. For these reasons, franchises can prove to be a more beneficial business model.

There are countless benefits of being part of a franchise, including:

Our Menu

Rollz ice cream is all about fun. It’s our unique flavors that makes our customers keep coming back for more. In fact, our brand across GTA is know for the most tempting ice creams flavors that can’t be found elsewhere.

Our ice creams are made fresh on a freezing surface with premium ingredients, From chocolates to the nuts, we use all our ingredients sourced with highest quality in mind. Once the ice cream is rolled and ready, we finish it with a choice of free toppings.

Our tasty range of items vary from chimney cones, waffles, crepes to milkshakes. All perfectly made from crunchy to warm treats!

The Secret to Our Success


Our system is simple. We license you to use the Rollz Ice Cream name and logo and you agree to use the Rollz Ice Cream products exclusively.


We are your source for proven recipes, flavors, marketing materials, equipments, and just about everything else you need to keep your business running smoothly.


We are committed to selling only the finest products: from our amazing flavors to our machines and accessories. Everything we sell meets utmost quality standards.


Rollz ice cream is a well-recognized brand with an outstanding reputation in the GTA market. Consumers know that our brand represents consistent product quality and outstanding service.


Our team is dedicated to providing the training and support you need to be successful in your franchise. We help you be in the rolled ice cream business for yourself, but not by yourself. You will have access to our management team anytime you’re looking for assistance with your business needs.


Rollz ice cream is a tried and tested profitable business. Cost of goods can typically range between 15-35% depending on the retail selling price. For context, your initial investment in a Rollz Ice Cream franchise will be less than buying a new house. Its certainly a fun and tasty way to make money.

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