Falling for falooda – 3 flavours you must try this fall

This fall season, there are so many things to enjoy. From the fall foliage to the delicious fall-inspired treats from the fall harvest. Another great thing you can try is a delicious, decadent, and creamy falooda. What is it and what flavors can I try? Read on to find out!

What’s a falooda?

Faloodas are essentially a Desi version of milkshakes, absolutely super packed with delicious ingredients and flavors! Faloodas originate from Persian cuisine and have become a favorite to many across the world and especially in the South Asian region. It is a tasty and textural experience that leaves you wanting more. There are different variations of this dessert across Asia as well as such as the Filipino halo halo.

Today, it is a popular and common dessert drink in India. But, its roots date back to ancient Persia, where there is a variation called faloodeh in modern-day Iran. Faloodas is one of the oldest dessert creations of our time, and it is said to date back to 400 B.C., usually served and eaten during special occasions such as festivals and celebrations.

Falooda at Rollz

Rollz doesn’t yet have a wide selection of falooda, but it is definitely worth trying, and absolutely the perfect treat for fall.

Rose falooda

Rose falooda is a rose-flavored falooda. This floral falooda is especially delicious on a hot summer day when you need something refreshing to cool you down. But, it is also perfectly refreshing for a cooler, windy day. This is the most common and popular falooda flavor in South Asia. Its stunning pink and red colors make a super instagrammable dessert as well, seeing all the layers of the falooda, as it contrasts the fall foliage colours.

Kesar falooda

Kesar is saffron, and this saffron-flavored falooda is another favorite. Its floral flavor is refreshing and perfect for any given day. The falooda dessert is already extremely decadent and rich with its use of ice cream and milk, and other sweet toppings. Saffron is the perfect floral flavor that gives it a more balanced and refreshing taste, perfect for a beautiful fall day.

Rabdi falooda

​​Rabdi or rabri is a traditional Indian sweet. It is made of thickened sweetened milk filled with layers of clotted cream (malai). This is definitely perfect as a falooda dessert as its sweet flavor and creamy texture compliments the overall balance of the falooda dessert. It is extremely decadent and perfect for all days of the year, including those colder days in the fall.

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