Eggless homemade cheesecake recipe

Cheesecakes are hands down one of the most popular desserts in the world. Its unmistakable rich, creamy texture is truly a delicious experience. There are also many versions of cheesecakes, as the ingredients such as cream cheese, crusts, and toppings are versatile and can be adjusted based on taste and preferences.

Cheesecake variations include the classic and decadent New York cheesecake and the fluffy and lighter version of the Japanese cheesecake. Another interesting cheesecake is the eggless cheesecake. While many omit eggs or are allergic to eggs and therefore avoid them, the eggless variety is the best option for them. This may sound a bit strange for some as eggs are usually part of the cheesecake. So to learn more about how to make an eggless cheesecake, read on to find out!

Think of flavors

Before creating a cheesecake, decide on the flavors you want to incorporate into the cheesecake. This is important to consider as the ingredients you gather are based on the flavors you want to create. There are many types, such as the popular strawberry cheesecake or a fun-flavored oreo cheesecake. Different flavors will require different crusts, fillings, and toppings.

Preparing the crust

One of the key elements of a cheesecake is the crust. While not all variations of cheesecakes use a crust, many such as the class New York uses it. For the eggless variety, we’re going to utilize the crust. This is where the importance of knowing what flavor you want comes in. The crust can be made using different types of crackers and cookies. Most cheesecakes use graham crackers in their crust, while others may use Oreo cookies.

To create the crust, blend the crackers or cookies in a blender with some melted butter. Blend in pulses until the crust has a sand-like texture. Take the crust and shape it into a pan, ideally a springform one.

Creating the filling

The filling of an eggless cheesecake consists of standard ingredients such as heavy cream, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and sometimes sour cream. For the eggless variety, however, instead of eggs, the recipe utilizes condensed milk, ensuring the other dairy products are full fat (as this ensures it holds its shape), and sometimes cornstarch and water to ensure that the cheesecake stays intact. Again, based on the flavor you picked, you can also add other ingredients into the filling itself.

Decorating with the toppings

Get creative! Add whatever toppings you like to your eggless cheesecake. You can use fresh berries, Oreo cookies, graham crackers, fruit and chocolate sauces, and more. If you want to keep with the flavor theme you selected, ensure the toppings are complementary to the cheesecake filling and crust, otherwise, toppings are usually a creative, no restrictions zone.

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