Dessert for breakfast? It can happen and it can be healthy too, here’s how.

It may be strange to indulge in dessert, but in reality, we already do. Pancakes, waffles, and even milkshakes are known diner style breakfasts. While it is not something we do commonly in our daily lives, it can still be healthy and good for you to have.  Adding healthy ingredients like fruits and reducing sugar  are great ways to allow you to enjoy dessert for breakfast.

Here’s why desserts can be good for breakfast


Desserts can be filling a delicious way to start a day. Of course, like anything else, indulging too much on it may not be healthy, similar to burgers and pizzas, but it is something we all enjoy and does a good job filling our stomach for the day. We can still enjoy these foods without eating too much of it.

Provides energy for the day

Dessert contains some carbohydrates and protein that gives you the energy for the day, or at least until your next meal. Depending on toppings and other ingredients, it can also provide more benefits for your energy levels.

Full of nutritional ingredients

Depending on the dessert, some incorporates fruit, and we all know fruit is great for you, especially to start the day. To enhance your dessert breakfast, add some toppings of fruit.

Great in setting a good mood for a great day

Ice cream is known to boost the happy hormones, and this can kickstart a positive and good day for you. Again, while indulging too much is not recommended, there is no need to feel guilty to have it for breakfast once in a while. Is it makes you happy, why not?

Recommended Rollz Ice Cream for breakfast

Fruits and Nuts rolled ice cream

Fruits and nuts are already part of some breakfast items such as granola and smoothie bowls. As a rolled ice cream breakfast item? Why not? It is delicious and can be good for your especially when you’re starting out a full day of activities either at school or work.

Blue Blizzard rolled ice cream

Blue blizzard rolled ice cream at Rollz uses blueberries to make this rolled ice cream flavor. Packed with the fruit, this rolled ice cream flavor is also another great dessert and flavor to start any day.

Classic waffle

Waffles are already a part of our breakfast menu item, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The classic waffle screams breakfast dessert with its warm, delicious and filling waffle, topped with nuts, fruits, and a scoop of ice cream.

Berrylicious milkshake

Another berry-flavored dessert won’t hurt! This milkshake is packed with nutrition needed to give you energy for the day.

Looking for desserts to start your day? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of delicious sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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