Desi desserts to inspire your taste buds

India is known for its flavorful dishes, so it’s definitely not a surprise that their desserts are also known for their sweetness and flavor-packed bites. Most Indian desserts are made of a mixture of some form of dairy, sugar, and spice mixtures with an occasional addition of a refreshing, fruity taste from fruits such as mango and lime. Desi treats come in many different forms and textures and is definitely heaven on earth for someone with a strong sweet tooth. Here are some desi desserts to inspire your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gulab Jamun

This sweet treat is possibly the most popular dessert in India. Gulab Jamun is a sweet, spherical fried dough ball made of dough and dairy. These fried dough balls are soaked in a syrup mixture that’s often flavored with various spices and florals such as rose and cardamon.


Falooda is an Indian dessert that looks a lot like a milkshake, and it is made with milk, flavors, dessert vermicelli noodles, and other types of toppings to your liking. The vermicelli is what makes this treat unique and it is often made of wheat, arrowroot, cornstarch, or sago.


This dessert is the Indian version of ice cream. The difference is that kulfi is denser and creamier than regular ice cream. It is made of milk that’s boiled and reduced, as opposed to the regular ice cream that is whipped and frozen. Boiling it helps it become dense and creamy. It is traditionally flavored with cardamom, but it can also be flavored with mango, vanilla, and pistachio.

Mango Mastani

The name of this treat was inspired by Peshwa Bajirao’s beloved wife, Mastani Bai. Mango Mastani is a famous street drink from Pune that is more or less a fruit shake loaded with mangos, ice cream, and dried fruits – similar to a milkshake. Mango Mastani was popularized by a chain of juice centers called Sujata Mastani in Pune. Their mastani drinks come in different flavors, but the mango mastani is the most popular flavor.


Paan isn’t necessarily a dessert per se, but it is usually eaten at the end of a meal as a mouth freshener, sweetener, and digestive. It is popular in India, and all over Southeast Asia in their own variations. It is made of betel leaves with different types of fillings on top of the leaves, often ranging from range from candied fruit, cardamom, saffron, roasted coconut, and slaked lime paste.


This vibrant sweet treat is another popular dessert snack in India. It is made of deep-fried dough coils soaked in saffron sugar syrup. It has a crispy bite to it with sweet syrup oozing from the inside. It is usually considered very sweet, but it is definitely a delicious treat to try.

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