Creative ways to enjoy Rollz Ice Cream beyond just the rolled ice cream

Rollz Ice Cream – despite the name – offers so many delicious treats beyond rolled ice cream. While our main and largest menu is rolled ice cream, we offer so many other delicious treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are some creative ways to enjoy Rollz beyond the rolled ice cream menu.

Rabdi falooda

This delicious sweet treat is a des-inspired dessert using Rabdi or rabri,  a traditional Indian sweet. It is made of thickened sweetened milk filled with layers of clotted cream (malai). This is sweet and creamy in texture and compliments the overall balance of the falooda dessert. It is an extremely decadent and creative dessert that’s not to be missed.

Nut-i-wanna Milkshake

This is a chocolatey Ferrero Rocher milkshake, perfect for all those chocolate lovers out there. It is sweet, creamy, and of course a bit nutty. It is filled with milk and chocolate ice cream, topped with delicious whipped cream, more chocolate, and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate.

Lotus waffle

This waffle dessert is inspired by Biscoff, served with ice cream, caramel Lotus spread, cookie crumbles, milk chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. For the caramel and Biscoff lovers out there, this is for you. It is a very addicting sweet treat that’ll leave you wanting more. The warm waffle topped with delicious, decadent Lotus spread paired with the crunchy textures from the cookie crumbles is absolutely divine!

Toronto Rolled Ice Cream

White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

Fruity, tangy raspberry that cuts and complements the decadent, creamy cheesecake? What more can you want? The cheesecake is topped with chunks of white chocolate and finished with whipped cream on top. This cheesecake is paired with a chocolate crumb.

Ferrero Nutella ice cream burger

If you love Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates, this one’s for you. The chocolate ice cream is added between delicious burger buns and is topped with drizzles of milk and white chocolate sauce. Nutella spread is added on top of the ice cream, followed by a generous sprinkling of nuts. This is another fun and creative way to enjoy Rollz, and also a new menu line to try!

Oreo Crunch ice cream burger

This is another delicious, not-to-be-missed ice cream burger flavour. Vanilla ice cream is placed in between burger buns and is stopped with drizzles of milk and white chocolate sauce. A generous sprinkling of crushed Oreo cookies is then added. The cold ice cream, soft burger buns, and crunch Oreo cookies make this a heavenly sweet treat. It is delicious and absolutely filling.

Looking to have some of our delicious sweet treats? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!


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