Cheesecake-inspired rolled ice cream

Cheesecakes are delicious, decadent, and rich desserts that come in different flavors. It is one of the most versatile desserts that come in different flavors and is added with different toppings. Cheesecakes are often made with soft cheese, sugar, flavoring, and eggs, then added to a cookie or cracker crust base. They are then baked, and often served cold with some delicious toppings.

Different recipes, ingredients, and even the type of cheese case change the texture from a heavy classic New York cheesecake to a lighter chiffon-like version such as the French variation. Chicago would use sour cream to make the cake creamier, whereas the Philadelphia cheesecakes were known to be lighter and creamier and often served with fruit or chocolate toppings. Beyond North America, Italians would use ricotta cheese, Germans would use cottage cheese, and the Japanese used cornstarch and egg whites. Nevertheless, it is a beloved dessert for many of all ages.

While cheesecake itself is a delicious dessert, its ingredients have inspired many other dessert flavors. Read on to find out!

How can cheesecake be used in different desserts?

While the actual cheesecake isn’t always used in other desserts (except sometimes for toppings), the ingredients can inspire the flavor and create a cheesecake-inspired flavor for the dessert. Ingredients such as the cheesecake batter, cookie or cracker crumble, and various toppings can inspire other dessert flavors.

For example, to make a strawberry cheesecake milkshake, you can add a little bit of cream cheese to the mixture, add some strawberries and top with more strawberries and some cracker crumble.

You can also make a cheesecake-inspired waffle dessert with the same idea. You can pipe some whipping cream and cream cheese mixture, some delicious topping such as strawberries or Oreos, and some crackers or cookie crumble.

Cheesecake-inspired rolled ice cream at Rollz

Rollz Ice Cream has 2 cheesecake rolled ice cream flavors: strawberry and oreo.

Strawberry cheesecake rolled ice cream

If you love fruity cheesecakes, this one’s for you. This rolled ice cream begins with a strawberry ice cream base poured onto a cold flat metal plate, mixed thoroughly with fresh strawberry and actual strawberry cheesecake. It is then served with some delicious toppings.

Oreo cheesecake rolled ice cream

If you don’t want a fruity cheesecake flavor and prefer it a little more rich and decadent, the Oreo cheesecake rolled ice cream is for you. This rolled ice cream begins with an ice cream base and is mixed with Oreo and cheesecake on a cold flat metal plate. It is served with delicious toppings as well.

Looking for some cheesecake-inspired desserts? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty desserts that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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