Calling all tricker or Treaters! How many toppings are you going to put on your ice cream?

It is Halloween season, and what better way to enjoy this spooky season than to dress up our favorite spooky character and enjoy a variety of sweets? While chocolates and candy are traditional and standard to the Halloween season, there are so many ways to enjoy sweets during this season. One of those sweet treats is ice cream. Ice cream is perfect for any season, but to make it more Halloween, here are some toppings you can add.

What toppings will you add to your ice cream?

Spooky Oreo crumble dirt

Crumbling some Oreo cookies on top of your ice cream as a topping gives a “dirt” illusion, reminiscent of dirt in the graveyard. The only difference is that Oreo is delicious and perfect for any ice cream flavor.

Bloody berry guts

Crushed berry or berry jams are great toppings to give an illusion of blood and guts. Its sweet and tangy flavor is perfect for simple ice cream flavors such as vanilla or chocolate to counter its slightly rich and creamy flavor, or even to enhance fruit flavored ice cream.

Rotting toffee teeth

Toffee is great with any ice cream flavor, giving it a rich, deep caramel flavor. Toffee candies in particular are reminiscent of rotting teeth! Totally gross but definitely appropriate for Halloween season!

Halloween sprinkles

During Halloween, we can sometimes find Halloween colored sprinkles. But, if you already have sprink colors black, green, red, or orange, making a mix is perfect to sprinkle in some spookiness into your ice cream.

Spooky candy corn

Candy corn is definitely appropriate as it represents fall season, in which Halloween falls into. It is a sweet and delicious addition to any ice cream flavor.

Marshmallow eyeballs

You can never go wrong with marshmallow. For Halloween, it is reminiscent of eye balls, and to make it closer to eyeballs, draw in the pupils using dark chocolate.

Some Rollz Ice Cream flavors for Halloween

Rocky Road rolled ice cream

Rocky road rolled ice cream incorporates many different toppings in the ice cream base itself, as well as when it is served. You get to enjoy a variety of flavors and textures from soft sweet marshmallows to slightly salty crunchy nuts.

Black Coconut rolled ice cream

You can’t get any more Halloween than a black coconut rolled ice cream. Using dark chocolate and coconut flavors, this rolled ice cream flavor is unique and absolutely perfect to celebrate Halloween. You can add a variety of toppings as well.

Oreo cheesecake rolled ice cream

Oreo cheesecake rolled ice cream is another delicious sweet treat for Halloween. The chocolatey, dark chocolate from Oreo and the rich and decadent cheesecake flavor is perfect for those who love cookies and cream (but want something different) and cheesecake.

Looking for some delicious sweet treats for Halloween? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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