Cheesecake-inspired rolled ice cream

Cheesecakes are delicious, decadent, and rich desserts that come in different flavors. It is one of the most versatile desserts that come in different flavors and is added with different toppings. Cheesecakes are often made with soft cheese, sugar, flavoring, and eggs, then added to a cookie or cracker crust base. They are then baked, and often served cold with some delicious toppings.

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Warm up your winter with waffles – how to make them at home

Winter is here! The cold weather and snow can make it so difficult to come out of our warm, cozy beds. While you do need to get out of bed eventually, you can still enjoy your warm cozy home without having to head out to the harsh cold. One great and delicious warm treat you can make at home to warm up your winter days is waffles. You can’t get any better than a plate of warm and fluffy waffles with a combination of your delicious toppings.

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Brighten your winter with summer flavours

We’re entering the cold months of winter and let’s face it – while the few weeks of beautiful cold weather and snow are beautiful, it can get a bit old when the weeks stretch to many, many months until the spring time comes around. Of course, there are many ways to get out of the long months of winter blues like going on a tropical beach vacation and enjoying a nice cocktail (or mocktail). But if you want a quick summer fix this winter, drop by at Rollz Ice Cream! We’ve got the rolled ice cream flavors that will take you back to the warm summer days.

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How our story lives on in the hands and homes of our communities. Recycle, reuse, reimagine.

Story time! Heading up to a grocery store, we at Rollz came across a sweet lady selling plants outside. Often, plants that are sold in places such as shops and markets are placed in standardized plant pots and containers. However, the sweet lady’s plants were potted in different types of pots of various colors and sizes. Curiosity got the better of us, so they made their way closer to the lady to investigate. Read More

Dessert for breakfast? It can happen and it can be healthy too, here’s how.

It may be strange to indulge in dessert, but in reality, we already do. Pancakes, waffles, and even milkshakes are known diner style breakfasts. While it is not something we do commonly in our daily lives, it can still be healthy and good for you to have.  Adding healthy ingredients like fruits and reducing sugar  are great ways to allow you to enjoy dessert for breakfast.

Here’s why desserts can be good for breakfast

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Sweet or salty, or both? Here’s how we experimented with a pickled rolled ice cream

Sweet and salty flavors have been known to complement each other, and this is also true in desserts. Some brownie recipes call for a sprinkling of sea salt on the top. Salt is a great flavor enhancer, and enhancing sweet desserts and flavors are no exception. For fun, Rollz Ice Cream experimented with using pickles as an ingredient for rolled ice cream. Pickles are known to have a savory, salty and sour flavor. How does it hold up as a sweet dessert in a rolled ice cream?

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Calling all tricker or Treaters! How many toppings are you going to put on your ice cream?

It is Halloween season, and what better way to enjoy this spooky season than to dress up our favorite spooky character and enjoy a variety of sweets? While chocolates and candy are traditional and standard to the Halloween season, there are so many ways to enjoy sweets during this season. One of those sweet treats is ice cream. Ice cream is perfect for any season, but to make it more Halloween, here are some toppings you can add.

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Winter may be approaching but ice cream season is not over!

When people think of ice cream, they imagine a warm summer’s day to indulge in this delicious, sweet, and cold treat. The refreshing, cold treat on a hot summer day is perfect for cooling you off right away, and also ensuring you’re well hydrated. Ice cream screams summertime to many.

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Roll up your sleeves and dive into the GTA’s best ice cream shop now open in Vaughan!

Calling out to the people of Vaughan! Get ready as Rollz has now opened a store in the area. You can now get delicious dessert fixes at our new shop in Vaughan.

What makes Rollz special

From rolled ice cream to waffles, Rollz Ice Cream has a diverse menu of desserts. The desserts are not only halal but also do not contain any eggs, making them vegetarian-friendly and accessible to those allergic or avoiding eggs in their diet. The cheesecakes are the only exception, as we get them from the (famous) Cheesecake Factory. Nevertheless, there is always something for everyone.

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Falling for falooda – 3 flavours you must try this fall

This fall season, there are so many things to enjoy. From the fall foliage to the delicious fall-inspired treats from the fall harvest. Another great thing you can try is a delicious, decadent, and creamy falooda. What is it and what flavors can I try? Read on to find out!

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