Home-made Falooda Recipe

Faloodas are essentially a Desi version of milkshakes, absolutely super packed with delicious ingredients and flavors! Originating from Persian cuisine, this delicious dessert drink has become a favorite to many across the world and especially in the South Asian region. It is a tasty and textural experience that leaves you wanting more. There are different variations of this dessert across Asia as well as such as the Filipino halo halo.

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Rolled Ice Creams Inspired by Desi Desserts

Rolled Ice Cream originated from street foods in Thailand, but has since been a popular sweet treat across the world. Just like regular ice cream, the flavors and toppings can vary and ice cream makers – at home or as a profession – can get as creative as they want with these flavors and toppings combinations. One really unique thing here at Rollz is our Desi-inspired desserts, especially our growing menu of Desi rolled ice cream. So what are the desi desserts that have inspired our rolled ice cream flavors? Read on to find out!

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What makes Rollz Ice Cream GTA’s finest halal dessert spot

The Greater Toronto Area covers a vast area – this means lots of people, lots of food, and lots of dessert spots. Every spot is special in its own way, but Rollz Ice Cream has its own special characteristics that make it GTA’s finest dessert spot following halal requirements.
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Toronto’s most unique halal dessert spot

Toronto is the hotspot for diverse cultures. This means that the city has access to many types of cuisines and food, even desserts. While there are many unique and delicious dessert spots in Toronto, Rollz Ice Cream is especially unique for its use of ingredients that ensure those who follow halal requirements are still able to enjoy desserts without any worry about their dietary requirements.
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Must try halal dessert-inspired rolled ice cream flavors!

Rollz Ice Cream is known for its variety of desserts, especially a vast option of rolled ice cream flavors. But, another key characteristic that Rollz Ice Cream is known for is its halal and desi-inspired flavors, with many flavor options in their rolled ice cream section. Here are some of the flavors that you must try!
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3 must-try Falooda flavors

Faloodas, simply put, is a type of dessert drink popular in the South and the Middle East Asian regions such as Iran and India. It looks like a milkshake, also following similar ingredients such as ice cream and a variety of other ingredients to build flavor.

This dessert is made similar to a regular milkshake such as milk and ice cream. The defining feature of faloodas, however, is their addition of a vermicelli-type dessert noodle that is made from cornstarch, sago, wheat, or arrowroot. Other defining ingredients of a falooda is the addition of ingredients such as tapioca pearls, jelly, rose syrup, milk, and sweet basil seeds.

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National S’mores Day!

You hear the crackling of the campfire, the summer air on your skin, and the sound of nature. What better way to end the day with some crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows? For any camping trip, s’mores are must-have treats. Read More

Top 3 summer flavored rolled ice creams to try (if you haven’t already!)

Toronto is still in the middle of summer, but we’re closing in on cooler temperatures ahead. Before that happens, it’s time to soak in the summer sun and all things summer before heading into cold weather. One of the many things that’s a must is to enjoy the summer flavors. Read More

Mississauga’s top halal dessert spot

Have you heard, Rollz Ice Cream has opened a brand new store on Derry Road West to cater to the wonderful residents of Mississauga! 

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Kitchener’s hottest new dessert spot

Kitchener is a city in the Greater Toronto Area that is home to festivals and a growing diverse culture. Its most well-known landmark is Victoria Park, which is a major site for outdoor events in the area. Rollz Ice Cream recently opened a new store in Kitchener and is on its track to become Kitchener’s hottest new dessert spot!

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