5 new ice cream flavours to try this year

Ice cream comes in many different flavours and combinations. There’s always something new to try. It’s only natural to pick our favourite or go-to flavours. However, sometimes it’s fun and exciting to try new and different flavours, especially those you otherwise wouldn’t. You’ll never know and may discover new favourites in the process. Here are some fun and interesting flavours you should try at Rollz.

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Rolled ice creams perfect for the winter season!

The cold winter chills are still strong these days it’s becoming somewhat unbearable. While many are used to the weather, it’s gone long enough. People want to move on.

But of course, as the wonderful Elsa said, “the cold never bothered me anyway!” Okay, maybe a little, but it doesn’t mean we can’t go out and enjoy ourselves. One of the things that seem to be reserved and known in the summertime is enjoying ice cream. While it is a popular and much-needed sweet treat in the summer, it is also a great treat in the winter.

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Most underrated rolled ice cream flavours

Rolled ice cream is a fun and delicious treat. There are so many possibilities when it comes to flavour and combinations. There’ll always be a flavour for everyone, even for the pickiest eaters. Because of its versatility, rolled ice cream can come in classic flavours like strawberry and vanilla, but can also come in unique flavours like the desi-inspired flavours at Rollz Ice Cream. Read More

Mississauga’s best dessert spot: Rolled Ice Cream

Mississauga boasts vibrant art, historic villages, recreational parks, and shopping centres, and is home to a diverse community. Because of this, there’s a variety of restaurants and dessert spots across the area. While the best dessert spot is debatable and based on individual preferences, the best dessert spot for rolled ice cream is Rollz Ice Cream.


What do we have in our new waffle menu?

Waffles are typically dessert dishes that are so versatile that they can also work as savory treats. There is always a flavour and topping combination for everyone and is therefore a favourite of many. How can you blame them? It can’t get better than being served with a plate of warm soft waffles topped with your favourite delicious toppings.


Winter is ice cream season, here’s why!

Ice cream is often considered a typical summertime treat. It’s a cold delicious treat that freshens and hydrates you on a hot summer’s day. To many, ice cream is summer. But, winter is also ice cream season. Yes, it is a cold treat and counterproductive for your body on a cold day, but the reality is, winter is arguably the best season for ice cream. Read on to find out why!

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3 most interesting rolled ice cream experiments!

Rollz Ice Cream has been having a lot of fun and crazy experiments in the past month or so. We’ve tried to roll out many random things from potato to maple syrup. Here are 3 interesting ones.

Sriracha rolled ice cream

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Calling out to cookies and cream fans – 5 rolled ice cream flavours you must try!

The world of desserts has seen a variety of new flavours and is constantly coming up with new and crazy flavours. One of those beautiful creations is cookies and cream. Cookies and cream have become a very popular flavour, especially in ice cream for a long time and are often associated with Oreo cookies. There are many ways to approach cookies and cream, but the classic and standard way is using Oreo cookies and cream in the ice cream. So to all the cookies and cream fans out there, here are 5 rolled ice cream flavours you’re sure to enjoy. Read More

3 new must-try Waffle flavours at Rollz Ice Cream

Calling out all dessert lovers and Rollz Ice Cream fans in the Greater Toronto Area! For a long while, Rollz Ice Cream has only had a few waffle flavours to choose from – classic waffle, chocolate and nuts waffle, and strawberry cheesecake waffle. While these are great and delicious flavours, it was definitely time to expand the selection so you and many other customers can enjoy a wider variety of our delicious waffles.

Now, the menu items have expanded, and there are 3 new waffle flavours on top of the previous waffle flavours. Those flavors include lotus waffle, chocolate avalanche waffle, and pistachio nutty waffle. So what would you get if you ordered these new waffles and what are the toppings added to create them? Read on to find out more! Read More

The History and Origins of Vanilla

Vanilla is the classic and one of the most popular flavors in the world. It is also a basis for building other delicious flavors. It is a simple flavor, but because of its simplicity, makes it a very delicious and versatile flavor to build upon. But what is vanilla really and where did it come from? How did it become a popular and established ingredient and flavor today? Read on to find out more! Read More