Roll up your sleeves and dive into the GTA’s best ice cream shop now open in Vaughan!

Calling out to the people of Vaughan! Get ready as Rollz has now opened a store in the area. You can now get delicious dessert fixes at our new shop in Vaughan.

What makes Rollz special

From rolled ice cream to waffles, Rollz Ice Cream has a diverse menu of desserts. The desserts are not only halal but also do not contain any eggs, making them vegetarian-friendly and accessible to those allergic or avoiding eggs in their diet. The cheesecakes are the only exception, as we get them from the (famous) Cheesecake Factory. Nevertheless, there is always something for everyone.

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Falling for falooda – 3 flavours you must try this fall

This fall season, there are so many things to enjoy. From the fall foliage to the delicious fall-inspired treats from the fall harvest. Another great thing you can try is a delicious, decadent, and creamy falooda. What is it and what flavors can I try? Read on to find out!

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Put the Fright in Freak Shakes this Halloween! How you can dress up your shake

When Fall comes around, the Halloween season comes creeping by the corner. It’s time to dress up in crazy and fun costumes, and even go all out on the decorations at home and for parties. One thing we can also dress up is our food and dessert with fun and spooky looking treats.

If you’re a fan of milkshakes, this is for you! Dress up your milkshakes for Halloween.

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Waffles, cheesecake, rolled ice creams: why you should indulge in all this season!

The fall and winter seasons are coming ahead, and this means animals such as bears go into hibernation. Before this, they stock their bodies up with nutrition and fat to ensure they’re warm enough throughout the entire winter.

With that said, while humans don’t necessarily “hibernate” in that sense, we do need to ensure our skins are thick enough to withstand the harsh, cold winter nights. Jokes (maybe) aside, the winter months are no joke and can often put people in low moods. Because of this, sweet treats such as waffles, cheesecakes, rolled ice creams, and even milkshakes are great ways to enhance our moods during the lows of winter.

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Going Nuts at Rollz: 5 Nutty Flavors You Shouldn’t Miss!

Desserts come in many different types, sizes, and flavors. People often enjoy trying new flavors, but they will always have favorite types. If you’re a fan of nutty flavors, this is for you. Rollz has a variety of dessert menu items for you to try – here are some of them.
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Welcoming The Cheesecake Factory

Welcoming The Cheesecake FactoryCheesecakes have been a longtime favorite dessert treat for many. Its delicious, creamy, and slightly tangy flavor with a delicious crumbly crust at the bottom, and sometimes a delicious array of toppings is unbeatable. Cheesecakes come in different varieties from the dense and decadent classic New York cheesecake to the soft and fluffy Japanese cheesecake. They are also versatile, coming in different flavors and toppings combinations. There’s definitely a type and flavor for everyone.

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7 Date Night Desserts to End a Sweet, Romantic Date

You’re having a wonderful night with your date, but the night is ending way too fast! What better way to end a date night – and spend more time with your sweetheart – than to talk over and share some delicious desserts? Well, Rollz has got your back! Here are some delicious desserts at Rollz that are not to be missed, especially on a date night.

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The Origins of Kulfi and its History

If you follow Rollz, you’ll know how much we love the desi desserts and flavours. So much so that we’re the only ice cream store that serves desi-inspired rolled ice cream flavours. One sweet treat that can’t be ignored is the popular kulfi. What is it and where do they originate from? Read on to find out!

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The History of Mava and Jalebi

South Asia is known for its very rich history and culture, and this includes diverse food across the region. From Pakistan to India to Bangladesh, there are similarities in food, but also their own unique flavours and preparation. The food in this region is diverse in nature such as the mava and jalebi. What are they and where do they originate from? Read on to find out!

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Welcoming the Fall Season with Rolled Ice Cream & Desserts

As much as we want summer to last just a bit longer, the coming of fall is inevitable. The colder weather isn’t ideal, but we get to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. On top of that, we get to enjoy fall flavours.

Here at Rollz, we don’t necessarily offer the traditional fall flavours such as pumpkin spice or apple cinnamon, we still offer delicious dessert flavours that are just as enjoyable during fall. Let’s welcome the fall season with these delicious rolled ice cream and dessert flavours.

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