5 irresistible Desi rolled ice cream flavors

India is known for its vibrant and flavorful food, always layered with flavor through technique and spices. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that their desserts and sweet treats pack a punch. The depth of flavor is extremely addicting. Even in their desserts, spices are used to elevate the flavors.

You might’ve already guessed – we do love our desi flavors! We can’t stop raving about it because of its unique flavors and we’re extremely excited for you to try them, especially as rolled ice cream flavors. Here is a list of some desi-flavored rolled ice cream for you to try out.

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National Strawberries and Cream Day: An excuse to have more desserts!

Strawberries are such versatile fruits, perfect in any form during summer. Whether you like them in cakes and ice creams, or just on its own, this sweet and sometimes tart fruit goes great with anything. As they’re delicious, they’re also very nutritious seasonal fruits rich in vitamin C. As there’s a day to celebrate almost every dessert and sweet treat but this coming May 21st, let’s celebrate strawberries and cream! This is a perfect sweet treat for the Spring and Summer weather as they’re absolutely refreshing and light. While May is the month of these beautiful red strawberries, nothing is better than pairing the sweet and tangy fruit with sweet cream. So, what’s the significance of this day and how can we celebrate it? Read on to find out!

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History of Falooda, what makes it so popular!

You may or may not be familiar with faloodas, but simply put, it is a type of dessert drink popular in the South and the Middle East Asian regions such as Iran and India. It looks like a milkshake, also following similar ingredients such as ice cream and a variety of other ingredients to build flavor. But what is it really? What is it made of, where did this dessert come from, and how did it become popular? And most importantly, where can you get one? Read on to find out.


Making an eggless cheesecake

Cheesecakes are decadent desserts that many of us crave once in a while. Its creamy, rich texture and mouthfeel, and its flavor profile are absolutely sensational, leaving us wanting another piece. Cheesecake recipes can come in different variations. For those allergic to eggs or avoiding eggs in their diet altogether, good news – you can still have a decadent cheesecake without them. Here are the ingredients to use.


Desi desserts to inspire your taste buds

India is known for its flavorful dishes, so it’s definitely not a surprise that their desserts are also known for their sweetness and flavor-packed bites. Most Indian desserts are made of a mixture of some form of dairy, sugar, and spice mixtures with an occasional addition of a refreshing, fruity taste from fruits such as mango and lime. Desi treats come in many different forms and textures and is definitely heaven on earth for someone with a strong sweet tooth. Here are some desi desserts to inspire your taste buds and satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Fun desserts to celebrate with your mom on Mother’s Day

Moms are the underrated superheroes in this world. Though they don’t possess superpowers, they somewhat possess the love, will, energy, and determination of a superhero. Many take on this role knowing the responsibility they must carry, and it is an extremely difficult role to fulfill. While it’s important to appreciate and celebrate the mother figures in our lives every single day, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to make them feel extra special. Come celebrate your supermom this mother’s day with some fun, delicious treats. Here are some to try out!

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5 unique must-try Desi ice cream flavors!

South Asian cuisine is known for its explosive flavors and dishes. The region itself is massive and each country within those countries are known for different types of cuisines and flavors. When we think of specifically Indian flavors, for example, some of the flavors and dishes that come to mind are naan and roti, butter chicken, and a variety of curry-based dishes. A common term to describe this region’s people, cultures, products, and cuisine – especially in the Indian region – is ‘Desi’. Desi flavors are known for their flavorful punch for sure, and this includes their sweet dishes and desserts as well. Desserts such as jalebi and gulab jamun are sweet treats that are enjoyed not only by desi people but also by people from different parts of the world who get to taste these treats. Another popular treat is kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert originating from India.


Key ingredients that make for the perfect milkshake!

Who doesn’t enjoy a great milkshake? Milkshakes are such fun and delicious drinks that are perfect for any occasion and it is definitely great for any kind of weather as well. They come in many great flavors. Milkshakes first originated from the United States. It was said that in 1922, Walgreens employee, Ivan “Pop” Coulson, sought to improve Walgreens’ chocolate malt beverage.

How to judge if you’re eating high-quality ice cream?

Ice cream is a great treat for all ages and occasions. There are so many flavors and types of toppings to pair it with. Many different stores and brands offer different types of ice cream. But there’s no denying that ice cream, like every other food and dessert, has differences in its quality. While we enjoy a quick treat here and there regardless of its quality, the level of quality of the ice cream can sometimes change the experience of eating the ice cream.Here are some ways to judge the quality of the ice cream you’re eating.


Ice cream can be healthy – here’s why!

Now we know what you’re thinking –ice cream can’t generally be healthy, right? Is this blog clickbait? Ice cream is known to be full of sugary goodness, topped with many other sugary treats – how can that possibly be considered healthy? Before you leave, hear us out! Ice can be healthy and here’s why.
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