A taste test: ranking Rollz’s top flavours and why they stand out

Rollz offers a variety of delicious desserts that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From delicious rocky road rolled ice cream to a refreshing mango kesar milkshake, Rollz has the dessert and flavour you need to satisfy your cravings and needs. While Rollz does have many different desserts and flavours to offer, there are some that may stand out because of their overall flavour and uniqueness. Here are some of Rollz’s top flavours and why they stand out.

Maharaja Paan rolled ice cream

This is a desi-flavoured rolled ice cream inspired by a common after-meal treat called Paan. It is a common palette cleanser in South Asia and even some other countries in Southeast and East Asian regions. It is made of betel leaf that’s filled with chopped betel nut and slaked lime, and often other ingredients as well. Similar ingredients are used to recreate a rolled ice cream flavour and have many depths of flavour to it.

Mango Mastani Kulfi

Another rolled ice cream flavour that is desi-inspired was inspired by Peshwa Bajirao’s wife, Mastani Bai, and it is a famous street drink from Pune that is more or less a fruit shake loaded with mangoes, ice cream, and dried fruit. This “milkshake” had the perfect recipe for a rolled ice cream base and is an absolutely delicious treat, especially for mango lovers.

Rose falooda

Faloodas are essentially a Desi version of milkshakes, absolutely super packed with delicious ingredients and flavours! Rose falooda is one of the common flavours. This floral falooda is delicious on any kind of day. Its flavours and textures that come from toppings such as ice cream and falooda, a type of dessert noodle, make this deliciously stand-out milkshake.

Pistachio Nutty waffles

Waffles are always a great idea – it is warm, fluffy, and absolutely satisfying. The pistachio nutty waffle stands out because of the nutty flavours and textures that come with it. The warm, soft waffle is topped with cold, creamy ice cream, whipped cream a hefty amount of pistachios for that extra crunch in every bite.

Godiva® Double Chocolate cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

For the cheesecake AND chocolate lovers out there, this Rollz treat is for you. The Godiva Double Chocolate cheesecake is a decadent and rich dessert – the filling is made of rich milk chocolate from Godiva. It is perfect for those who love or are craving a chocolatey punch. This cheesecake has a chocolate crumb base as well. Its chocolate on chocolate makes this a standout dessert you wouldn’t want to miss.

Looking to try some of these flavours? Look no further and drop by Rollz Ice Cream. We offer a variety of tasty sweet treats that are sure to leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Visit us today!

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