5 unique must-try Desi ice cream flavors!

South Asian cuisine is known for its explosive flavors and dishes. The region itself is massive and each country within those countries are known for different types of cuisines and flavors. When we think of specifically Indian flavors, for example, some of the flavors and dishes that come to mind are naan and roti, butter chicken, and a variety of curry-based dishes. A common term to describe this region’s people, cultures, products, and cuisine – especially in the Indian region – is ‘Desi’. Desi flavors are known for their flavorful punch for sure, and this includes their sweet dishes and desserts as well. Desserts such as jalebi and gulab jamun are sweet treats that are enjoyed not only by desi people but also by people from different parts of the world who get to taste these treats. Another popular treat is kulfi, a frozen dairy dessert originating from India.

In the Greater Toronto area, you don’t have to fly out to India to enjoy a desi sweet treat. Rollz Ice Cream offers delicious and beautiful rolled ice cream in Desi flavors. Here are some you can try out.

Bombay Kulfi

Desi Ice Cream Toronto

With a saffron kulfi  (ice cream) base, topped with almonds, Bombay Kulfi is a vibrant and delicious desi flavored treat. This flavor is sweet, creamy, and crunchy with a slight floral hint from the saffron. It is definitely a must-try desi flavor.

Mava Jalebi Kulfi

Mava Jalebi Kulfi begins with its own kulfi base mixed with an Indian sweet treat called mava jalebi. This sweet treat is some kind of crispy funnel cake soaked in sugar syrup and it is popular across India and Pakistan and can come in different types. It is extremely sweet but oh so satisfyingly good, especially when mixed into the kulfi.

Mango Mastani Kulfi

India is known for its delicious mangos, so you wouldn’t want to miss the mango mastani kulfi. Mango mastani itself is a popular drink in India, probably named after Kashibai Mastani, the 1st wife of the 7th Peshwa of the Maratha Empire, Peshwa Bajirao. Mango mastani is a type of milkshake made of vanilla ice cream, mango, and other ingredients. This refreshing mango mastani kulfi shouldn’t be missed!

Shahi Gulab Kulfi

This sweet treat begins with a saffron kulfi base. It is then mixed with a popular Indian sweet treat called gulab jamun, then topped with pistachios and almonds. Gulab jamun is a beloved Indian dessert that is made from a fried dough ball made of milk solids and semolina, then soaked in an aromatic syrup spiced with green cardamom, rose water, saffron, and more. This is another delicious sweet desi-inspired ice cream flavor you wouldn’t want to miss.

Maharaja Paan

Paan is a South Asian and also East Asian treat made of betel leaf that’s filled with chopped betel nut and slaked lime, and often other ingredients as well. The Maharaja Paan begins with this paan base and coconut, topped with paan. This is a refreshing desi ice cream flavor that’s good for any day. What are you waiting for? Drop by one of our stores today and check out our desi ice cream flavors today!

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