5 Most Creative Rollz Ice Creams

There are so many different ice cream flavors everywhere in the world and at different ice cream and dessert stores. Classic flavors such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are commonly found everywhere, but each region and store sometimes offer their unique take on ice cream. For example, in Japan you can find the now popularized matcha green tea or citrus Yuzu ice cream flavors.

Here are some of Rollz Ice Cream’s most creative flavors.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada is a popular tropical cocktail that is reminiscent of a chill day by the beach. What could be better than an ice cream (a non-alcoholic of course, so everyone can enjoy it) form? Rollz Ice Cream uses the same ingredients needed to make a pina colada, but instead uses them to recreate this classic tropical drink into an ice cream. The fresh and delicious ingredients of pina colada like pineapple and coconut are versatile, and can definitely be made into a fun dessert.

Rose & Pistachio

Rose with Pistachio Nuts

Rose flavoring is common but as an ice cream with crunchy pistachio nuts? Not as much, but is a delicious and creative combination at Rollz. This rolled ice cream begins with a rose and pistachio ice cream base, mixed in with some dried roses and crunchy pistachios. This is a delicious treat for those who enjoy a refreshing floral and nutty taste. This ice cream flavor is one of the desi-flavored rolled ice cream flavors from Rollz.

Maharaja Paan

This ice cream flavor from Rollz is another desi-flavored rolled ice cream. Paan is a common after-meal treat and palette cleanser in South Asia, and even some other countries in Southeast and East Asian regions. It is made of betel leaf that’s filled with chopped betel nut and slaked lime, and often other ingredients as well. Similar ingredients are used to recreate a rolled ice cream flavor and is definitely one of Rollz’s unique flavors of rolled ice cream.


Mango Mastani Kulfi

This is another flavor that is desi-inspired. The name of this treat was inspired by Peshwa Bajirao’s wife, Mastani Bai, and it is a famous street drink from Pune that is more or less a fruit shake loaded with mangoes, ice cream, and dried fruit. Mango Mastani was popularized by a chain of juice centers called Sujata Mastani in Pune. Their mastani drinks come in different flavors, but the mango mastani is the most popular flavor. This “milkshake” had the perfect recipe for a rolled ice cream as well and this creative rolled ice cream flavor is what Rollz offers in all their stores.


Sapodilla, also known as Chikoo, are these brown fruits native to Southern Mexico and the Yucatan. They are also found in Central America, and even in Asia. It is not commonly found as an ice cream flavor and is therefore made it in this list of creative Rollz ice creams. The fruit is known to have a sweet, malty flavor. The texture is a bit gritty, but soft and juicy.Want to try these rolled ice cream flavors and more? Head out and visit one of our stores today!

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