5 irresistible Desi rolled ice cream flavors

India is known for its vibrant and flavorful food, always layered with flavor through technique and spices. Because of this, it’s not a surprise that their desserts and sweet treats pack a punch. The depth of flavor is extremely addicting. Even in their desserts, spices are used to elevate the flavors.

You might’ve already guessed – we do love our desi flavors! We can’t stop raving about it because of its unique flavors and we’re extremely excited for you to try them, especially as rolled ice cream flavors. Here is a list of some desi-flavored rolled ice cream for you to try out.

Maharaja Paan

Maharaja Paan

Maharaja Paan

Paan is a popular South Asian and also East Asian treat made of betel leaf that’s filled with chopped betel nut and slaked lime, and often other ingredients as well. It is usually eaten at the end of a meal as a mouth freshener, sweetener, and digestive. It is popular in India, and all over Southeast Asia in their own variations. The Maharaja Paan begins with this paan base and coconut, topped with paan. This is a refreshing desi-inspired rolled ice cream that’s good for any day and anytime.

Kaju Malai Kulfi

You might’ve seen the word ‘kulfi’ used, and this just is the Indian version of ice cream. Kaju Malai kulfi in particular particularly uses a typical ice cream base but with cashew nuts. Cashew nuts aren’t unique to India, but it is commonly used in their dishes for both savory and desserts.

Rose and Pistachio

Rose is a beautiful flower with a sweet scent, but it can also be turned into a beautiful flavoring for food, especially for desserts in India. Rose, paired with the nutty flavors of pistachio, becomes a great flavor combination if you’re looking for a refreshing flavor of rolled ice cream. It starts with a rose and pistachio ice cream base, then once rolled, topped with dried rose and more pistachios.

Pistachio Kulfi

If you’re not a fan of rose flavors, you can also enjoy a simple pistachio kulfi. This starts with a creamy pistachio ice cream base. It is then rolled out and topped with more pistachios. Again, while pistachio itself isn’t unique to India, it is a common nut and flavor to add to Indian desserts.

Mava Kulfi

This is another super nutty rolled ice cream that uses a combination of pistachio and almonds. So if you want to add a little bit more nutty and depth of flavor to your pistachio kulfi, you might want to try mava kulfi as almonds add a unique depth of nuttiness to any dessert.

Rollz Ice Cream has a great selection of desi-inspired desserts such as rolled ice cream and Falooda. This was a nutty-filled list, so if you’re allergic to nuts or can’t stand them and still want to try desi-flavored rolled ice cream, we have more flavors for you. Come visit our store today and have a taste of Indian flavors without flying there!

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