3 must-try Falooda flavors

Faloodas, simply put, is a type of dessert drink popular in the South and the Middle East Asian regions such as Iran and India. It looks like a milkshake, also following similar ingredients such as ice cream and a variety of other ingredients to build flavor.

This dessert is made similar to a regular milkshake such as milk and ice cream. The defining feature of faloodas, however, is their addition of a vermicelli-type dessert noodle that is made from cornstarch, sago, wheat, or arrowroot. Other defining ingredients of a falooda is the addition of ingredients such as tapioca pearls, jelly, rose syrup, milk, and sweet basil seeds.

This dessert is a popular and common dessert drink in India, and its roots date back to ancient Persia, where there is a variation called faloodeh in modern-day Iran. There aren’t exact records of when and how falooda made its way to India, but food historian K. T. Achaya has said that this sweet treat was brought to India by Jahangir, the son of Mughal emperor Akbar. Jahangir had a love for novelty things, and one of those was his favorite falooda. Others have said that King Nader Shah was the one who brought it to India.

There are different versions of falooda across Asia, such as the Filipino halo halo, made of similar ingredients such as ice cream, evaporated milk, coconut, yam, tropical fruits, and other sweet treats. Singapore has its own version called cendol, made of jelly, red beans, fruits, peanuts, ice cream, and sweet corn.

At Rollz, we offer falooda, and here are the 3 flavors we offer that you mustn’t miss out on!

Rose falooda

Rose falooda is a rose-flavored falooda. This floral falooda is especially delicious on a hot summer day when you need something refreshing to cool you down. This is the most common and popular falooda flavor in South Asia. Its stunning pink and red colors make a super instagrammable dessert as well, seeing all the layers of the falooda.

Kesar falooda

Kesar is saffron, and this saffron-flavored falooda is another favorite. Its floral flavor is refreshing and perfect for any given day. The falooda dessert is already extremely decadent and rich with its use of ice cream and milk, and other sweet toppings. Saffron is the perfect floral flavor that gives it a more balancing and refreshing taste.

Rabdi falooda

Rabdi or rabri is a traditional Indian sweet. It is made of thickened sweetened milk filled with layers of clotted cream (malai). This is definitely perfect as a falooda/milkshake-type dessert as its sweet flavor and creamy texture compliments the overall balance of the falooda dessert. It is extremely decadent and perfect for all days of the year.

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