3 most interesting rolled ice cream experiments!

Rollz Ice Cream has been having a lot of fun and crazy experiments in the past month or so. We’ve tried to roll out many random things from potato to maple syrup. Here are 3 interesting ones.

Sriracha rolled ice cream

This rolled ice cream experiment was definitely a weird one. A spicy sauce in ice cream? That’s so strange! But, it needed to be done, and someone had to taste it. Sriracha is a popular chili sauce so we just had to do it. Right off the bat, sriracha thickened up nicely when it was squeezed onto the cold flat metal plate and mixed in. At first, it wasn’t rolling out, but after a couple of tries, it actually rolled out nicely, easily served in a cup as if it was one of our usual flavours!

For rollability, we score it a solid 4 out of 5, which would improve if practiced. Taste? Oh, dear – no comment! You’ll just have to try it to rate it!

Cream Soda rolled ice cream

This rolled ice cream experiment isn’t as strange as it comes close to a popsicle. The curious thing would be whether it holds up well as “rolled” ice cream. Often, the reason rolled ice cream can be rolled and served rolled up is because the ice cream base, which is often dairy based, thickens and solidifies. It is easy to roll out.

Anything that’s high in water content like cream soda, however, proved to be difficult to roll out. The liquid simply solidifies on the rolled ice cream cold flat plate. Just imagine ice being formed in front of your eyes, and now you’re trying to roll it out. Instead of rolling out, it snapped and fell apart. Despite that, the redeeming part of this experiment is the taste. It tastes like a cream soda popsicle.

For rollability, we score it 0 out of 5, but the taste is a solid 4 out of 5, which may be higher if you’re a big fan of cream soda.

Pickle rolled ice cream

This rolled ice cream experiment was the strangest of all. While there are extreme pickle lovers out there, it is bizarre to not only put into a sweet treat but also make it into a rolled ice cream. The flavours would also seem odd. The pickles were first crushed up on the cold flat metal plate. While it took ages to do, it finally got small enough to add the ice cream base.

Rollability? 1 out of 5. Even though a dairy base was used, it still fell apart! Taste? Questionable – got to try it to rate it!

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