Why our products is the best

  • 1

    Only natural ingredients

    Our ice creams are made with real MILK, no preservative or starch. Also, in future we will be providing Vegan options

  • 2

    Wide range of products

    We have more than 35 flavors of ice cream, all flavors in the menu are tested and researched. Flavours are natural and carefully selected.

  • 3

    Quality certificates

    All our products used are the best quality.

  • 4

    Only fresh fruits

    All are ingredients, including milk and fruits, are mainly fresh

  • 5


    Our all baking batches made on premises nothing frozen or ready made. Waffle mix we make it everyday fresh. Waffles are Eggless

  • 6

    Made with love

    we make all our carefully selected and freshest. We use highest quality of flour, fruits and milk.

About Us

We specialize in mouth-watering rolled ice cream, better known as Thai rolled ice cream. It is made live with fresh fruits and ingredients at our facility and comes in variety of flavors to cater to different taste buds and preferences. Our ice cream is free of gelatin and eggs, making it even more sought after. The freshness of the rolls makes it melt in the mouth. From making of the rolls to having them along with the toppings is a sight to watch- liquid base poured onto frozen plate, mixed, chopped, spread and rolled to prepare fresh ice cream right in front of you, just for you! We make 30+ flavors you can mix and match.

Along with the popular Thai-rolled ice cream, we offer a variety of delicious creamy milkshakes and hot waffles with ice cream, a treat as much to the eye as to the palate.